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Default Re: Cartoon Network on the decline

Originally Posted by CrazyTrainer View Post
But like you think about if I was young I really dont think I would watch The Amazing World of Gumball like the lack of smart good creatitvity has gone greatly down.
How do you say that a show with a blend of 2D and 3D is not creative? o.O I think it's genius, plus it's quite amusing to watch x3

I mean they have no more looney tunes at all or did they put at least one thing on.
Looney Tunes was on Boomerang for as long as I can remember ._.

But these no shows have no type of class and have very low creativity.
Care to give us some examples? Adventure Time is creative in its own right - have you seen the type of characters you get in the shows? Have you seen the different episodes of the show? Each and every one of the shows are different and I can never usually tell how one episode is going to end - you get those shows where you're like "Yes, he's gonna do that, something bad will happen and he'll have to give up that to save his friends" and they're so predictable; I can honestly say that Adventure Time is so much harder to predict for xD

They got rid of Toonami
But now it's back - they realised that mistake, did they not?

Another thing is cartoon network doesn't know when to end things. Like Bakugan it was never really that good when it first started but the first season was aight at least I think but then they made a second season so quick and it was crap and now where is it at now tsshhhh terrible
You could say exactly the same thing to Disney and their airing of Pokemon, no? Besides, it's all about airing the shows to get the viewers to buy the merchandise/toys - if they kept it running, it was obviously working, making Bakugan popular and getting children to buy the toys. I mean, my cousins bought loads of them because they loved the toys and the show.

you see cartoon network has been slacking to me.
It's all about earning money to be honest. Sure, there are going to be shows that you won't like on a channel (I'm not too fond of the Regular Show) but then there will be others that you do. You can't necessarily say that CN are on the decline because there are a few shows you dislike. It's aimed at children mostly - like I said, it's all about their opinion to be honest.

Keep this debate guys
This is fun :3

EDIT: Oh, there may be some differences between UK and US CN, Boomerang and so on xP Toonami also had its own channel over here :P


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