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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [SU/DS]

@Velocity: Everything looks good, though I do have one suggestion. I am changing the rules up a bit to make this easier on myself and the players, and to make it more fun, so you do not need to have Run as a feat. You can simply say your character ran, and I'll do a roll to make sure he doesn't trip. I'm doing something similar with the Dodge feat. So you can replace Run with something else if you'd like. Otherwise I have but one word to say: Accepted. Othniel's character sheet is ready to join the Character Directory. But if you do choose a new feat to replace Run, let me look it over before it's added so it can be approved before being on the sheet in the Directory.

@Kaioo: I'll be honest, I wasn't sure about the Armor Proficiency. There were prerequisites to get Heavy class, needing Light and Medium first. I was thinking of just really throwing it out the window and based on class would I determine if a character can wear light, medium, or heavy armor. However, for this RP I will allow only Armor Proficiency not need its prerequisites since I'm sure some characters wouldn't even bother with lighter armor and just go to their desired rank. That is if you really want to state it in your character sheet. Otherwise I see nothing wrong and am actually getting some ideas in terms of your character's armor. Those will be my secrets, though. ;3 Accepted. Now if you would be so kind as to have Archeon join the other accepted characters in the Character Directory it would be much appreciated.

@narphoenix: That's fine with me. You can continue to change feats up until the game starts, but if you do desire a change notify me first so I can approve the changes.

EDIT: @Dino: You have only one day left. I noticed your SU is almost completed, so if you would like a couple more days then simply ask and I'll give you the time. I really want to see your character in this game. *cough*and not because I want to see Surge crush on Aeiria*cough*

And for those who are left and had accepted the invitation, I am giving you a couple more days to complete, and whether or not you are finished I will start the game at that time. This does not mean that you cannot finish. It just means that your character will join the group once your SU has been completed, accepted, and added to the Character Directory.
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