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Default Re: Cartoon Network on the decline

But like you think about if I was young I really dont think I would watch The Amazing World of Gumball like the lack of smart good creatitvity has gone greatly down. I mean they have no more looney tunes at all or did they put at least one thing on. But these no shows have no type of class and have very low creativity. Then putting mad tv on wasn't good either isn't mad tv for older viewers or something. They got rid of Toonami Toonami don't forget and put on mad like what. Another thing is cartoon network doesn't know when to end things. Like Bakugan it was never really that good when it first started but the first season was aight at least I think but then they made a second season so quick and it was crap and now where is it at now tsshhhh terrible you see cartoon network has been slacking to me.

Keep this debate guys
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