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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Of all times for something like this time happen…” Aiden muttered as half of the group left. Ichiru walked over to Ashley and wrapped an arm around her for reassurance that everything was going to be okay, though it was still clear about how everyone felt right now.

"Klaus and Damon won't be able to enter the house though, right?" Kotomi asked as she looked over to Ashley. "Remember after they left town Bonnie, Diana and Jeremy signed the legal papers stating that they owned this house as well so unwanted Vampires couldn't enter?"

"They won't be able to get in, but that doesn't stop them from using rocks outside as bullets..." Ashley responded, the image of Damon actually doing that haunting Kotomi.

"How far do you think he'll go?" Kotomi asked as tears threatened to sting her eyes.

"From what we've heard about Damon snapping Mason's neck, I think the Damon we knew is gone." Ashley forced out as a lump formed in her throat, though she pushed it back as she stayed ready and on guard.

The other half of the group reached the Mystic Grill where they found Mason's dead body on the floor with Diana still knelt by his side, Elijah and Meredith looking out the windows for any signs of Klaus and Damon.

"When do you think he'll wake up?" Kevin asked as Stefan, Lexi, Caroline and Isobel joined Elijah and Meredith by the windows.

"Probably sooner since he was killed with Klaus' blood in him." Elijah responded.

"I just can't believe that Damon actually snapped Mason's neck..." Diana said as Kevin knelt down by her side. It was then that Stefan noticed the remains of Diana's necklace that his brother gave to her, bringing him to look at the young Witch in confusion.

"What happened to your necklace?" Stefan asked.

"Damon crushed it." Diana responded as she looked up at Stefan.

"I'm sorry..." Stefan said, though Diana shook her head.

"It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters right now is if Mason is going to be okay." Diana said.

"Mason is going to be fine." Kevin said, bringing Diana to nod. She looked down at Mason's fingers, wishing that he wore a ring that protected him. About fifteen minutes had gone by until Mason's eyes snapped open, gasping for air as he quickly sat up.

"What happened?" Mason asked in shock, looking around to see some of his friends surrounding him.

"Mason... you died with Klaus' blood in your system." Caroline said, Mason looking down at the knife that Diana held.

"This is your choice, Mase. Do you want to complete the transition?" Diana asked.

"I... I have to, don't I..." Mason said, remembering that if Diana didn't offer her blood to create Hybrids then Klaus was going to use the children's blood. After a few moments Mason nodded, watching as Diana brought the blade of the knife to her right wrist and sliced open the vein. The young Witch winced in pain, though she placed down the knife and offered her arm to Mason.

"It's going to be okay." Diana said. Mason leaned over and gave Diana a kiss, pulling away a few moments later and gently grabbed her wrist, slowly bringing her skin up to his mouth and took a sip of her blood. As soon as he took the first sip however he felt a hunger which he never felt before, a new pair of fangs piercing his gums as he sank them deep into Diana's wrist, drinking heavily now.

"Mason!" Meredith said in shock, starting to walk towards him to pull him off of Diana but she shook her head.

"He needs to stop on his own." Diana said as she looked at Meredith, then back to Mason. The two locked eyes, Mason's being both his Werewolf eyes along with the whites of his eyes turning black, and black Vampire veins underneath them. As he looked at Diana his drinking slowed until he fully stopped, releasing Diana's arm as he looked at her. Mason's face went back to normal along with the fangs, reaching over and gently stroked his thumb along Diana's cheek.

"I'm sorry..." Mason said with guilt.

"It's fine." Diana responded with a small smile, Elijah walking over and placing his hand over Diana's wound to heal it.

"I know that we don't have a choice, but I really don't want you giving your blood to Klaus..." Mason said.

"It's either me or the children. I have to do it..." Diana said as she looked down.

"We should all go back to the house where we'll be more protected." Isobel said, Diana and Mason nodding as they stood up. After cleaning the knife and putting it away, gathering their schoolwork and locking up the restaurant, Mason and Diana drove back to the house as Caroline, Elijah, Kevin, Isobel, Meredith, Stefan and Lexi followed. They reached the house and walked inside, though when Mason tried to walk in he was unable to.

"Oh come on..." Mason growled in frustration.

"You're invited in." Diana said, allowing Mason to enter the house now. Now that Mason was a Hybrid he didn't need the Moonstone to prevent from forcibly changing into a Werewolf during full moons, and he didn't need a Lapis Lazuli stone to walk in the sunlight either. He did however have double the weaknesses now, meaning that both Vervain and Wolfsbane would hurt him. If he got staked in the heart by a wooden stake however he wouldn't die, though he would be stunned for a bit just like how an Original Vampire would. The touch of real silver wouldn't hurt Mason either, though there was a special bond between Mason and Klaus now which Mason didn't yet know about...

"Are you okay?" Ashley asked as she hurried to Mason's side.

"Yeah... just really hungry." Mason responded. Kotomi quickly went down to the basement and retrieved as many blood pouches she could carry and walked back upstairs, ordering Mason to sit on the couch and gave him the pouches. "I can already smell the difference between fresh blood and old blood that comes in these." Mason sighed as he held up a blood pouch.

"You'll get used to it." Diana said with a small smile, sitting down next to Mason. As Mason was drinking from the blood pouches however Kol, Kevin and Elijah quickly turned their attention to the window, bringing the group to look at them in alarm.

"They're here." Kol said, referring to Klaus and Damon.
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