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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [SU/DS]

May continue to adjust this.

Name: Kaioo

Character: Archeon Pendragon (True Name: Azrael)

Age: Appears to be around 27 human years in age, but is actually 783 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Demon- "Fallen" Demon Lord(He's a Demon Lord, but has been outcasted from the Demon Realm for his actions)
Class: Warrior


Archeon stands at the height of six foot eight inches, and his eyes are a crimson colour. His hair is jet black in colour, and is of medium length, spiked up, almost like a flame. His skin is golden brown in colour. He has a rather muscular build, though he is not excessively muscular. He has a scar running across the bottom of his right eye going down over the bridge of his nose, and to the left edge of his lips.

Personality: Archeon is brutal when it comes to his enemies, as he rarely, if ever, is willing to show mercy, unless they can provide something useful to him, though he still does tend to kill them anyway. Even though he is brutal, he is kind at heart, willing to put himself on the line to protect his friends and allies without hesitation.

Archeon is a trustworthy man, even though he does have secrets, and he can be trusted to protect those around him. When he sets himself onto a task, he does not give up until the task is completed, unless the task is proven to be impossible. Though he is kind at heart, he can be cruel and cold when you're not in his "good books", or even if he was angered. He has a dark sense of humour, sometimes finding enjoyment in killing his foes, and it is up in the air whether this is a normal part of him, or whether he's insane.

Year 1- Archeon comes into form.
Year 13- Archeon appears in the human realm, saving a village from a group of lesser Demons that were terrorizing the village, before disappearing.
Year 18- Archeon reappears in the human realm, preventing the summoning of a Demon Lord intent on destroying the human realm, and killing three Balors in doing so.
Year 109- Archeon appears in the human realm as The Horned Lord tries to invade the human realm. Archeon prevents the invasion, killing a multitude of lesser Demons.
Year 291- Archeon defends a village from Argeal, a Demon Lord, killing the Demon Lord. Because of this, Archeon is banished from the Demon realm, for killing another Lord, and remains in the human realm.
Year 540- Archeon defends Westwood from a group of five Balors.
Year 720- Archeon protects a village on the southern outskirts of the land from a Goristro. Upon returning to the village, he is called to be executed by the village elder, as they believe him to be an evil entity. Angered by this betrayal, he slaughters the town, before going into exile, disappearing from civilization, angered with himself for slaughtering so many people.

Strength 17
Dexterity 8
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 8
Charisma 17

Languages: Abyssal,Common,Draconic,Celestial and Infernal

Heavy Armour Proficiency
Weapon Focus- Sword
Rapid Metabolism

Spells: N/A

1xDaedric(Demon) Helm- though has the appearance of a Steel helm.
1xDaedric Chestplate
1xBarbaric Daedric Legplates(fur adorning the groin area)
1xTorn Red Cape
1x coin pouch
1x water pouch
1x satchel
Money: 5 gold.
Companion: N/A
Other: He has a Split Personality. When angered, he becomes almost sadistic, though still retains his loyalty to his friends.
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