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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold and Silver Voting Poll/Discussion

With Yellow there was a lot of restriction. I also didn't understand the Pokemon choices in each class and why two people couldn't be the same one. When I was looking it over I was thinking of joining with my main Pokemon OC, but with how it was set up that would not have been possible without me having to sacrifice something about her character and the Pokemon I would have liked her to during the progression.

It might have been that there wasn't a lot of RPing that threw me off at first. Seeing one liners is just something that tends to make me turn away. But I understand that in a game like this that is acceptable and I should have been more open-minded. Lastly something I just do not understand is the point system. It's something I have not used before and still confuses me, even when I reread and try to understand.

Perhaps another thing you can do is that if a person would rather start out with two Pokemon instead of getting a shiny, or maybe started with an evolved Pokemon, that could be acceptable. Just a random idea being thrown out.
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