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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Yhea, hopefully.

Ok, afterwards, Fuschia and Koga, and pray to Arceus that Koga isn't brainwashed. Giovanni was there, right?

Right, in the tower. That's the only way they could have done it: Sabrina herself, alone, or even with a contingent of Rockets, would have still failed. Silph Company developed tech to deal with Psychic powers and have access to gas masks. Giovanni would have to storm the tower with her to win...And he'd have to be absolutely bada**.

Like, Beltless Machamp Bada**?

...I'm not even sure Sabrina could stop one of those, and she's got type advantages up the wazoo for a Machamp. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Giovanni wouldn't be that bada** either. Or Max. Or anyone, that doesn't have the title of 'Pokemon Champion,' current or dethroned. And even Giovanni couldn't get that title legally. You have to have to be in a position to, from that day forward, commit not so much as one criminal action, and they can deny you on the spot for any felony whatsoever. Misdremeanor that you were declared not guilty is about the only thing acceptable. They check extensively, and not even the most shrouded of individuals are capable of having any shred of their complete and true identity hidden on the sheer account of the extreme levels of scrutiny...Like, dude. The most unknown and unheard of person in the world could go into the Pokemon Leauge, and within that single day, he'd be known to the world, down to the shape of microscopic patterns on his fingerprint.

They do NOT joke around.

...So, we're safe from the leauge being invaded?

That wasn't out of the question. Trying to take the role of Champion legally, though...That's WAY different. That's all I'm saying.
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