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I haven't read this whole thread I#ll warn you now so I may have missed a few bits but I don't think it matters much if I have. It jsut reminded me of a friend not long ago. She recorded a movie on Sky Plus and it had the end of Channel Four news on it. She was watching it not really paying attention when she saw a zombie walk over behind the new reader behind the glass tht was, obviously, behind her. My friend actually rang me at this point saying OH MY GOD IM NOT JOKING I SAW A ZOMBIE ON THE NEWS I say hey calm down whats up and she records it on her phone and sends me it. I tell her it's probably something to do with what the news report was about. She says NONONO It's not its a really zombie oh my god. She's really hyped up and scared and doesn't know what to do. I found the news show on the internet on BBC news website and rang her back. It was a news report about the zombie walk in america...........
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