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OOC: Sorry for the short post :(

Abraham Ash and Jacob Weber
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, going to Cragan Island
ARP: Ernx

"Abraham, I have heard little of the reason you chose to go to Kibou at all. Perhaps you could enlighten me further. You are a noble, a wealthy and honorable Lurra in Miniera: Even I had taken heavy hits to my wealth and had to use this as a recovery and supplement to it. What brings you to journey at all?"

Coughing, Abraham looked at Ernx, “I have chosen to leave my homeland to heal myself. These wounds,” he gestured towards the scars on his body, “Are burdens, not rewards for my bravery. I don't know how injuries are rewards in Miniera. I saw a Charizard once, both of his eyes gouged out, covered. He walked with a cane, his wings looking incredibly weak due to lack of flying. And you know what?” Abraham's looked at a crewman, a Scyther, who hobbled on one leg and one piece of wood, “Everyone hailed him as a hero. He didn't even know which direction the praise was coming from,” the Heatmor turned back to the Eelektross, “He was old, Ernx, alive far after he was supposed to die. I'm not going to be that Charizard, hobbling for the rest of my life.”

Looking out to the island, Cragan. Rumors floated around of it having something there. Lurra claimed it was treasure, others claimed it was just an island, that the real treasure was inland. But Abraham believed in the first theory, that it was with treasure. He had modified it in his head. There was no treasure, just a magnificent sword, one that could kill and heal his wounds. He needed a better weapon then the small blade at his side.

* * *

Jacob looked at the Remoraid, freshly caught. It looked disgusting, its eyes still on its head. Its guts were leaking out of its body. The Feraligatr who had caught it glared at the electric spider.

“Eat the grub,” the blue Lurra growled.

Jacob warily poked at the dead fish, then grabbed it with his front mandibles, wrapping it in thin webbing. He started sucking out the juice. He nearly gagged. The taste reminded him of his dead siblings long ago. Choking down the liquid was hard, but the Galvantula did it. Nearby, Lord Ash rambled about a blind Charizard to the captain of the vessel, Ernx. The large, eel-like creature seemed fine enough. Even though he was probably a drunk like the rest of the dirty scum on board, he carried his drunkness with dignity. Solomon the Starmie seemed to be annoying, but dependable enough....
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