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Default Re: [GAME] Three Word Story

I looked at a horse and sighed. How long would she stand around eating hay? I figured that it would be faster to just steal her food. It went against my ways, but I still managed to ignore my conscience. The hay rustled about in the stable as the horse ate like a pig.

"Give me your babies so I can nourish myself." The horse's head was on fire as I reached for the rake.

She saw me. She almost wanted to lash out, but I smiled and tossed her a sizable pineapple. The pineapple hit the horse's lower leg above the grotesque demon claw. The horse froze in shock. I quickly ran toward the great beast. My heart was pounding furiously throughout the epic battle - which really wasn't that unusual from the perspective of a rusty battleaxe. The dwarven army charged toward me while riding their thunder lizard steeds.

"Can we please focus on killing the horse first, you bearded cretins?" I asked.

"My people seek glory," the stout leader denied all the allegations of mine.

"Then claim it," I yelled! Then, out of nowhere, pie. Pie everywhere.

My heart stopped, I turned, horrified by the sight. I was pastrophobic.

The horse had begun to cackle, eyes glinting crimson. "FOOLISH WARRIORS! YOU SHALL ALL PERISH UNDERNEATH MY HOOVES!" With a fierce bellow it reared itself. It stomped on the Dwarves' house that was littered with pies.

The enraged dwarves had had enough. They were tired

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