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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

After awhile Diana and Mason came back out from the bar and made their way back over to the table with their schoolwork, though the only thing covering Diana's upper body was her ruby colored bra. Mason had ripped off the young Witch's shirt clean down the middle which laid on the floor now, Diana sighing as she looked at Mason.

"That was one of my favorite shirts." Diana said with a small laugh, her cheeks reddening a bit. Mason chuckled and took off his own t-shirt, a black under-shirt underneath as he handed Diana the first t-shirt.

"Sorry." Mason smiled, watching Diana place on the shirt.

"It's fine." Diana sighed, though the smile remained on her face as the two sat down and began to work on their schoolwork. As the time went by books were scattered all along the table as the two were now focused hard on their assignments, Mason occasionally asking Diana for a little help whenever he got writer's block for his reports. The front door of the restaurant opened, though both Diana and Mason didn't look up from their work.

"Sorry but we're closed." Mason said as he continued to type.

"Really? That's a shame. My friend and I were really hoping for a drink." Klaus responded, bringing both Diana and Mason to jolt their heads quickly up to look at Klaus and Damon. Both looked in complete shock when seeing the Vampire and Hybrid, though Mason quickly stood up and moved in front of Diana to protect her. Damon and Diana locked eyes for what seemed like forever, though neither had spoke as Diana stood up as well.

"What are you doing here?" Mason growled, his eyes flashing yellow with amber highlights.

"We wanted to have a little chat with Diana." Klaus responded, his full attention on Diana now. "You see, Damon and I discovered something rather astonishing not too long ago. It turns out that since Ashley's blood won't work on making Hybrids anymore, another way is her children's blood."

"You aren't going to touch them." Diana growled with anger as she moved around Mason and began to walk towards Klaus, but Mason quickly held her back.

"I'm glad you see it that way, because your blood will work as well." Klaus smirked, the anger leaving Diana's face which was replaced by shock.

"That's why you're back... you're here for me." Mason quickly stood in front of Diana again when she spoke.

"She isn't going anywhere with the two of you." Mason hissed.

"Well I'm willing to strike a deal with Diana if the two of you cooperate." Klaus said. "Diana can continue to live her life here, but will donate her blood to me in blood pouches so I can make my Hybrids."

"There's no way in hell I'm doing that."

"I thought you might say that, which is why I'm prepared to do this." Klaus quickly ran forward with his speed and grabbed Mason, pulling the young Werewolf on the other side of the room away from Diana. Klaus quickly bit down on his own wrist and forced Mason to drink some of the blood, the young Werewolf struggling to get free.

"Mason!" Diana yelled in fear.

"Would you like to do the honors, Damon?" Klaus asked as he looked at the Vampire. Damon tore his gaze away from Klaus and looked to Diana, who both locked eyes.

"Damon please... don't do this." Diana pleaded. All the emotions he felt for Diana began to swim to the surface once again, though like before, Damon pushed them away, tearing his gaze away from Diana as he walked over to Mason and quickly snapped his neck. "No!" Diana cried as Mason's lifeless body fell to the ground, Diana quickly running to the Werewolf's side and dropped to her knees.

"Now you have two choices." Klaus said, walking towards the door. "You can either feed him your blood and save him, which will be your acceptance to my offer, or you let him die and decline my offer which will force me to use the children's blood. The choice is up to you." Before leaving Klaus turned around to look at Damon. "We're staying in this town so you're free to do what you please, though you still have to take my orders." Damon nodded, watching Klaus leave.

"How could you do this?" Diana yelled in anger as she looked up at Damon, who turned to look down at her.

"It was very easy." Damon responded, speaking to her for the first time. Diana stood up, slapping Damon across the face. The two looked at each other in pure anger, though neither acted on it.

"Am I really supposed to believe that the guy who gave me this is just gone?" Diana challenged as she brushed her fingers over the diamond rose necklace that still hung from her neck. Damon looked at it for a few moments, shocked that Diana was still wearing it, though he didn't let it show in his expression. Instead, he gently reached over and unhooked it from the back of Diana's neck, holding the rose in his palm.

"The guy who gave you this is long gone." Damon responded coldly as he looked at Diana, crushing the diamond with ease as it turned to nothing, Damon dropping the remains on the floor.

"I hate you so much." Diana growled as tears pooled her eyes.

"I wouldn't want it any other way." Damon said, turning around and leaving. The tears slid down her face as Diana knelt back down by Mason, placing his head on her lap and stroked his hair.

"It's gonna be okay Mason... you're going to be okay." Diana looked at the vein in her wrist, knowing what she had to do when Mason woke up. Forcing her tears back, Diana knew she needed help right now. When Mason awakens she didn't know how strong his thirst was going to be, bringing Diana to take out her phone and call Kevin and Elijah. The two were there in the matter of seconds, quickly walking to Diana's side.

"Where's Klaus and Damon?" Elijah asked, Meredith walking in the room seconds later.

"I don't know, but I know they're staying in town." Diana responded, looking up to Kevin. "You have to go tell the others."

"Right." Kevin nodded, disappearing with his Vampire speed.

Its great that Diana and Mason are together now. Back at the house Kiseki spoke.

I knew it would happen eventually. Aiden responded with his eyes closed, resting his head on Kotomi's. Its been obvious for a while that theyve liked each other.

Im just glad that Diana has finally decided to move on and allow herself to be happy. Kiseki said.

"Guys..." Kol said in alarm. He had felt the presents of an Original and a Vampire a few moments ago but dismissed it, thinking it was only Meredith with either Kevin or Elijah, but after a few more moments of concentrating on the energy he figured out that it was a Hybrid's energy. He now knew it was Klaus and Damon.

"What's wrong?" Kotomi asked as she opened her eyes to look at Kol. The front door suddenly opened then before Kol could responded, bringing Kevin to stand in the middle of the room.

"Klaus and Damon are back." Kevin spoke. "Klaus gave Mason his blood and then Damon snapped Mason's neck."

"What?" Ashley asked in horror, standing up as most of the group did as well.

"I need some of you to come with me to the Grill while some of you stay with the children, encase Klaus and Damon decide to come here." Kevin said.

"I'll come." Caroline said as she walked over to Kevin.

"Me too." Stefan said. Kevin, Stefan, Lexi, Caroline and Isobel quickly left the house while Kol, Kotomi and Ashley stayed, looking out the windows in alarm. When hearing that Damon had participated in Mason's death, they didn't know how far Damon would go. Would Damon truly try to hurt anyone else in the group? Even the children?
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