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Default Re: PE2K Factfile 2.0

• Name: Sam McEntee
• Name Meaning: The meaning of the name Sam is 'His name is God'. Well then.
• Alias: Mibbleng or White Takumi.
• Join date: It says somewhere up there I think.
• DOB: 20 November, 1996.
• Age: 15
• Birthplace: England
• Location: Codsall, Wolverhampton.
• Sex: Male
• Race*: English
• Ethnicity*: White Caucasian
• Status: Single
• Orientation: Heterosexual
• Occupation: Student
• Grade: 11 (12 in America)
• Family: Mum, Her Boyfriend, Brother and two Sisters.
• Pets: A Yochon dog.

• Height: 5"10
• Weight: No real idea of it, I have no scales. Not chubby, not really skinny. Ideal I gues.
• Shoe Size: 8
• Eye Color: Green, brown and orange.
• Hair Color: Black.
• Piercings: Nope and don't plan on it.
• Tattoos: Nope.

• Color: Green.
• Number: None.
• Animal: Human.
• Pokιmon: Sceptile.
• Flower: Don't have one.
• Food: Steak Pie.
• Candy: Lemon Sherbets.
• Restaurant: Don't have one.

• Movie: Full Metal Alchemist: Conquerer of Shamballa
• Movie Genre: Fantasy
• Animated Series: Gurren Lagann
• Non-animated TV Series: An assortment of Stand-up comedy shows.
• Anime: Gurren Lagann
• Comedian: Russell Howard
• Actor/Actress: Vic Mignogna
• Video Game: The World Ends With You
• Console: 3DS or PC
• Singer: Masaki Endoh
• Band:Area 11
• Song: Sorairo Days
• Favorite Music Genre: Rock/Metal
• Album: Ensoh 1

RANDOM: (Also Favorites)
• Character: Hayate Ayasaki
• Quote: "Even when trapped by karma's cycle,
The dreams we left behind will open the door!
Even if the Universe stands in our way,
Our seething blood will determine what will be!
We will break through Time and Space!
And defy all who would stop us to grab hold of our path!
Tengen Toppa... GURREN LAGANN!
• Book: Lord Loss
• Clothing Brand: None inparticular.
• Season: Autumn.
• Day of the Week: None inparticular.
• Month: November.
• Sport to play/watch: eSports
• Languages spoken: English.
• Places traveled: England, Spain, France.
• Hobbies: Video Games, Voice Acting, Animation
• Tags/Keywords:

• MySpace: lolno
• Facebook: Sam T. Rubbish
• twitter: lolno
• AIM:sg
• YIM:gsd
• MSN:gf
• IGQ:gd
• Skype: Mibbleng
• DeviantArt:

PHOTO: Haven't got one to hand currently, give me some time.
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