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Kiseki Kagami from District Four
Tribute Train/Capitol

"Look, there's something that's going to happen which I can't reveal yet, but I will say this; stay alive as long as you can." Stefan responded to Kiseki in a whisper, breaking his gaze to look at their surroundings. It seemed as though he was making sure no one else was listening, which made Kiseki all the more curious as to what he was going to say next. Stefan finally returned his gaze back to him and shoved the papers into his pocket. Those papers again… what was on them that was so worthy of hiding?

"In the arena, find Ichiru and stay alive. Something is going to happen this year, but I'm not allowed to speak of it just yet. Just stay with Caroline, find Ichiru and stay alive as long as possible."

Kiseki merely nodded in response. He wanted to question him and ask what he had meant, but Stefan had specified twice that he couldn’t speak of it, so it must have been big, whatever it was. Either way, any type of hope he could cling to at this moment was good enough for him.

It didn’t seem like long at all before nightfall came and the train arrived in the Capitol. Kiseki had been restless for the entire day, and had spent the majority of his time wandering around the places within the train that he was actually allowed to go to - which unfortunately hadn’t been very many.

Kiseki and Caroline were whisked away to their prep team who were to prepare them for the Tribute Parade. He had to admit he didn’t like it, especially how the Capitol treated the event. Sure, it was nice to be treated like celebrities, but these people were cheering for the fact that they were all going to be slaughtering each other in a few days. He was more than happy when it was all over with and the two of them were escorted to their rooms. He found it amazing that they got a whole floor to themselves, and found himself exploring the halls shortly after being left to his own luxurious room.

After several minutes of walking and looking at the kitchen and other places on the floor out of boredom, curiosity and the desire to take his mind off of the Games, Kiseki neared his and Caroline’s rooms, and noticed that Caroline’s door was open. At first he thought that maybe she was checking out the floor as well, but then he heard voices coming from inside of the room.

“In the arena, if it happens to come down between Ichiru, Kiseki and I as the last three remaining tributes, I already know I’m dead.”

Kiseki slowed down when hearing Caroline’s voice, stopping near enough to hear the conversation, but not close enough to be detected. He listened to the conversation between Caroline and Stefan, the blonde’s worries leaving a dull ache in his chest. It was true that he couldn’t kill Ichiru, but he wouldn’t throw away his partner, either. It actually hurt that Caroline would be so worried about such a thing, and he felt guilty to have left her with those kind of thoughts.

Stefan’s footsteps snapped him out of his thoughts and Kiseki quickly hid inside his own room as the older male left her room and closed the door behind him. He waited until the footsteps had disappeared before he came back out. He wasn’t sure if he could get in trouble for going in Caroline’s room, even if they were partners and had rooms near each other, and he really didn’t feel like risking it.

He approached the door and, after listening for any signs of Stefan or anyone else returning, gave it a light tap before opening it slowly. Caroline was lying on the large bed by now, but he knew she couldn’t be asleep. He also knew that it would be impossible for him to even think about sleeping now that he knew what kind of fears she had because of him - or so it seemed to be his fault.

“Hey… Can I come in?”

Ichiru Kagami from District Three

Nightfall had already fallen when Ichiru was roused from his sleep by the voice of his mentor on the other side of the door announcing they had arrived in the Capitol. He hadn’t even realized he had fallen asleep after all of the thinking, worrying and pacing he had done earlier. He hadn’t left his room much for the rest of the day, and aside from when he had watched the Reapings, he hadn’t seen his mentor or partner either.

Once he had been escorted to the Capitol, Ichiru was put in the hands of a prep team who was to design costumes for Indigo and himself for the Tribute Parade. The very thought sickened him, and it was even worse when he actually had to do it. It was revolting how these people of the Capitol treated them like such royalty when all but one or two of them were going to be dead in just a few days.

After everything was over and done with, Ichiru was taken to the floor that was to be for Indigo and himself until the day of the games. The room he was taken to was just as extravagant as that which he had been in to say goodbye back in District Three, and even better in some aspects. He wasted no time taking a shower to scrub off any remaining traces of the ridiculous appearance they had given him for the parade. At the very least, all of the commotion had taken his mind off of the worst of matters for a little while.

However, as he changed into some of the many clean clothes that were already prepared for him, Ichiru recalled any and everything that had been bothering him. The air seemed to grow heavy and suffocating all of a sudden, leading him to venture out of his room and out into the hall. He had no specific destination; he would just walk blindly until he either calmed down, found something interesting, or was forced to go back. He desperately wanted fresh air, but knew of no means to get any.

After several minutes of walking, he saw an answer to his desires; a way onto the roof. Ichiru wasted no time wondering if he was allowed to go or not, or worrying about whether there were Peacekeepers or even other tributes up there, and just went up.

The cool air that greeted him upon stepping through the door calmed him instantly, and Ichiru took a deep breath of fresh air as he looked around. No other tributes appeared to be up here with him. Perfect.

He walked over to the edge and looked out at the city glowing with festive lights beneath him. He still couldn’t believe that the people of the Capitol treated this like something so amazing. How could they be so happy about children and teenagers being torn away from their families and friends and forced to kill each other?

It was then that Ichiru noticed there was no fence or high wall of any sort surrounding the roof. If a tribute wanted to jump off, couldn’t they just…?

The dark haired teen reached out over the edge without really knowing why, only to have a sharp zap throw his hand back at him seconds later. So that was why. Of course they wouldn’t allow an easy way out like that. What had he expected?

“Look at the pretty lights from the city! Aren’t they pretty mommy?”

Ichiru jumped when hearing someone speak from only a few feet away, quickly looking to see Ashley and Aria. They appeared to have not noticed him, which wasn’t surprising, considering he had chosen to go to a part of the roof that was more shadowed.

He decided not to move or say anything at first, simply staring down at the city below as the two talked. However, he couldn’t help remembering the tape of the Reaping he had watched earlier, where Aria had mentioned how their father hadn’t come home from the Games, how Ashley’s and Jeremy’s parents were Katniss and Peeta Mellark… It seemed their family had been tortured by the Games for a long time now.

The image of Ashley and Aria crying at the Reaping mixed with that of Isobel and Kotomi, and the expressions he knew they had to have had when Kiseki was chosen, and then again when they saw that he had been chosen as well later on. Ichiru tore his gaze away from the city and turned back toward the door, starting back inside as his anger toward the entire situation returned, but the sound of Aria’s laughter as Ashley tickled her stopped him.

There was something about these two. He knew he shouldn’t get involved with other tributes, and he had already decided that he wouldn’t before he had even come here, aside from Kiseki and Caroline, but somehow he just couldn’t seem to escape the pull they had on him. Maybe it was because he missed his own family? But if that was the case, he would be fine once he saw Kiseki again when they trained, or even up here on the roof. There was no explanation for it.

“She’s cute.” Despite his better judgment, Ichiru found himself emerging from the shadows to speak to the brunette. He gave a small smile as his gaze fell on Aria for a moment, but when he remembered the crying toddler at the Reaping he quickly looked away and fixed his gaze back on Ashley. “You’re lucky, to be able to have your family here with you.”

Michael Knight from District Two

Michael had paid little attention to anything on the train ride to the Capitol besides when he watched the Reapings from the Districts with Auram. There were a lot of interesting tributes this year, to say the least. A lot of people had volunteered, one or two of them appeared all too eager to be in the Games and gave off an uncomfortable vibe to Michael. Two of them were twins, although they were from different districts, which made him suspicious of some sort of conspiracy although he hadn’t said anything at the time. The tributes from District Twelve were the children of the famous Star Crossed Lovers from the 74th Hunger Games, which was sure to make them targets this year.

All in all, there was an interesting group this year. Michael had been told several times that as per tradition, he was to ally with the other Careers for the best bet of survival. However, the people he had seen from the career districts didn’t seem too reliable, and one of them gave him a homicidal vibe. Still, what other choice would he have? If teaming up with the other Careers would get him further through the Games, it might be best to do so. But then, wouldn’t he be just like them? Using others to his advantage until he had no use for them anymore and then just killing them? That was no better than the Capitol using all of them for their sick entertainment.

Michael sat down on the large bed in he had been subconsciously pacing in front of for the past several minutes with a sigh. He had been taken here after spending what felt like a day’s worth of time getting prepped for the Tribute Parade that had occurred earlier in the day. He still gave the people of the Capitol his cheerful front and played the role of a proud Career tribute, since he knew that he needed to earn sponsors. He already knew Auram and himself would get sponsors just because they were from District Two, but he would at least feel accomplished with something if he was able to earn some on his own.

Michael fell back on the bed with another sigh, this one more irritated. He wanted to go up to the roof, but he knew that by now there were probably other tributes up there, and for once he didn’t feel like socializing. However, he couldn’t seem to sleep either, and was growing more restless with every minute. Why couldn’t they just go back home and be done with all of this?

OOC: Decided to add Michael’s part in this post instead… but now I’m missing Caitlyn’s. Seems I can’t do all of them together in one post anymore. xD I’ll either edit Caitlyn’s in here or include her in my next post. ^^’
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