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Default Re: Pokémon: Conifer [RP]

(OOC: I hope you don't mind me posting again so soon, but I'd really like to see this RP get going ^^)

Chance Ansley & Michael Barret
Conifer Middle School

Michael and Chance waited patiently for Celeste to catch up, but soon realized that someone else was approaching the truck—someone who could run a lot faster than their foster sister. His appearance would have alarmed certain other people—with his green hair, pale yellow skin, and red eyes—but Michael and Chance weren’t affected by it at all. They both waved at the boy warmly as he drew near.

“Hey, Tin,” greeted Michael kindly. “Miss the bus, too?”

“Hey, kids,” their neighbor returned, “can I join you?”

Tin had a peculiar way of speaking to them, but the Anderson’s foster children were quite tolerant of it. After all, they had been affected by the strange occurrences happening in Conifer—with Chance, and all. They understood that the way Tin acted had been a result of a mutation, and could see little harm in it. Tin had grown into a good-hearted kid—caring and compassionate; certainly, he would never hurt a fly.

“Of course,” Michael nodded. Indicating the back (since there was no room in the cab), he invited, “Hop on in.”

“Tin!” Celeste breathed as she caught up to them. She leaned over on her knees a moment to catch her breath, then smiled at Tin. “Missed the bus too, huh?” Turning to the older boys, she sighed, “Boy, am I glad to see you guys!”

“Oh, hey,” Chance poked his hairy head out the window. “It’s Celeste. Didn’t see ya there, yer highness,” he grinned impishly as he started pretending he hadn’t noticed Celeste earlier.

“Is there something we can help you with, miss?” Michael played along, acting oblivious.

The tween scrunched her nose at the teenagers before jutting her chin out defiantly. “Why yes,” she raised her voice to a ‘royal’ tone. “Would you commoners be so kind as to give a lady a chariot ride to her destination?”

“Oooh,” Michael winced, glancing over his shoulder at the bed of his truck. Shaking his head sympathetically, he replied, “Not sure if we have enough room in the back for you or your heralding horn, your majesty. Tin’s already got dibs.”

Scowling, Celeste picked up her instrument and shoved it in Michael’s direction—missing, but gaining a few laughs. Though she fought against it, an amused grin spread across her lips. “Then by royal decree, I order you to make room!”

“A royal decree!” Michael looked shocked.

“Oh, that sounds serious!” Chance pretended to sound worried. “You better give her a ride, Michael.”

“You poop-heads,” Celeste rolled her eyes as she smiled. To their neighbor, she joked, “Tin, you should give these ruffians a thorough scolding for their atrocious behavior. We’re going to be late for school!”

She giggled before tossing her trumpet case into the back of truck. Chance chuckled softly, shaking his head at the girl. Though she was only around 12, she spent a lot of time in books—particularly fantasy reads. As a result, her vocabulary was a little more advance than her classmates, and her pride a little higher than normal. Since she was small, the Andersons treated her like a real princess, and the nicknames and habits stuck even while the spoiling was cut back on.

Celeste hopped into the back, and after they waited for Tin to get on board Michael slowly eased the old Chevy back into the streets. Chance slid the back window open so they could hear and talk to the two middle-schoolers in the back. The old piece of glass was stubborn—of course—but so was everything else in that old truck. The brunette teenager hoped the cops wouldn’t pull them over for having people riding in the back. It was a common thing on a school day in Conifer, of course, but that didn’t make it all that legal. Still, they didn’t have a lot of other choices. They certainly weren’t going to make Celeste and Tin walk the rest of the way to school.

Michael’s eyes darted to the clock. It was a few minutes off, but he knew that they were still running a little late for school. Fortunately, the middle school wasn’t too far from the high school. Dropping off Tin and Celeste shouldn’t put them too far behind schedule. Not that Michael was worried; he could care less whether or not he made it on time—but Chance did. The black-haired youth simply wanted to minimize any worries his foster brother might have. Good thing Chance wasn’t watching the clock—he seemed content to watch the passing traffic or chat with Celeste and Tin. He seemed much more at ease since Michael proposed a plan.

“Do you got plans after school?” Chance suddenly asked Michael, catching him by surprise.

Michael frowned. “I was going to hit the skate park, if I had the time. Why?”

“Are you taking the truck?” his question was ignored.

“I was planning on it,” the teen shrugged, glancing at his passenger for a brief second. “Do you need it for something?”

“Yeah, I, uh,” Chance scratched the back of his head, as he always did when feeling sheepish. “I need to stay after school for something.”

“For what?” an eyebrow was raised.

“Well, I signed up to be a tutor this year.”

“You?” both eyebrows were raised now as Michael did a double take. “A tutor?”

“Why not?” Chance shrugged, trying to be indifferent.

“‘Why?’’s more like the question.”

“I just figured that I could be a good tutor. Help people out, and stuff.”

“No offense, but… You’re not exactly a straight-A student.”

Chance winced, but countered, “No, but… I’ve never flunked a class before, though. And I hardly ever get anything below a B minus.”

Michael’s frown deepened, but he didn’t argue any further. He sensed that there was more to this tutor business then Chance was letting on, but he wouldn’t say anything. Let Chance do his own thing, he figured. It really wasn’t any of his business. He just hoped that Chance would be able to deal with it. Being a tutor could potential be… rather stressful.

Traffic was getting more and more congested as the kids approached school, but that was to be expected. Michael navigated the streets calmly, despite the recklessness of the other drivers. Mrs. Anderson often commented on how responsible a driver the teen could be—although, she might disapprove of the kids riding in the bed of the truck. Still, Michael was safe, and the kids in the back knew how to lay low. Pretty soon, they were pulling up to the front of the middle school.

“All right,” Michael announced as the Chevy slowed to a stop. “We’ve arrived at yon destination, fair lady.”

Celeste rolled her blue eyes once more before grabbing her trumpet case and standing. “I thank thee, good knights,” she curtsied to them extravagantly, glancing Tin’s way with a giggle. “Let’s get going, Tin!”

“Have a good day at school, guys,” Chance waved at them, but nodded to Tin especially. In that simple nod, he was also wishing the boy good luck. The two of them—as mutants—were going to have an interesting first day back at school. Of course, there was a difference. Tin was a known mutant; he had been to Washington D.C. and back, and everyone in Conifer (or, rather, the U.S.) knew what he was, and they would treat him much differently. Chance, however, was not known; he was going to fight to keep it a secret from everybody else. He didn’t know how he would manage it, but he didn’t even want to imagine what would happen to him if the agents found him…

“Keep an eye out for Celeste for us, will ya Tin?” Michael added his own salute. “Make sure she doesn’t miss the bus again.”


(OOC: On another note, I've been considering making a SU for a minor character--Chance's crush Alyssa Wolff. Since I'd like to avoid double posting in the SU thread, I might just edit my last post there ^^)

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