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Default Gameboy Tournament

That's right, the GBA Clause Tournament from 2010 is running again!

B/W Revo
Helds On
Normal Weather/Terrain
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Accuracy/Evasion Clauses

First Place: Complex Pokemon with 3 EMs
Second Place: Hard Pokemon with 2 EMs
Third/Fourth Place: Medium Pokemon

Battle Payouts:
Winner: $4,000
Loser: $2,500
Ref: $4,000

For those of you not familiar with the GBA Clause, battles are conducted as normal, however with each of your Pokemon you must also send a pre-defined set of 4 moves, just as you would use in a Wifi battle or online simulator.

These moves and your team are not fixed for the duration of the tournament and can change each round, however they cannot change during any battle.

Each round will last two weeks. Nothing more, nothing less. If your battle isn't completed by the end of two weeks, the more active player will progress. If neither player can be determined as "more active", both players will be eliminated and the bracketed opponent for the next round will receive a bye.
My decision on this is final and debate will not be heard.

The bracket can be viewed here. You have two weeks to complete your battles. Refs, log here.

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