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(Kaioo, Phantasm.Angel and DA, that's perfectly fine =])

Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve
On Tribute Train/At The Capitol

Hours had gone by that day when the train finally reached the Capitol, it being nightfall. Ashley and Jeremy were sent to their prep team to get them ready for the Tribute Parade, though not much work had to be done on the two since their family was able to afford the beauty products and unwanted hair removal on a daily basis. After meeting with their stylist, George Parker who was in his early thirties, had made Ashley and Jeremy look mesmerizing in the Tribute Parade. He had dressed the siblings up in what Katniss and Peeta wore in their 74th Hunger Games Tribute Parade, in the special black suits with the flames in the back to match their parents, only this time the fire was blue with white and green tips. This made the crowed go absolutely wild, chanting District Twelve.

At the end of the parade however Ashley and Jeremy received a lot of hateful glares from a lot of the other tributes, especially when Kenny and Aria were seen to congratulate Ashley and Jeremy with Katniss, Peeta, Sonya, George and his prep team.

"Do you realize how many sponsors are talking about the two of you already?" Peeta asked with a smile on his face. Ashley and Jeremy ignored the glares they were receiving from most of the other tributes as Ashley leaned down and picked up Aria, holding her daughter protectively.

"Already?" Jeremy asked in surprise. Katniss nodded, then finally realizing that a lot of the tributes were giving the group deadly glares.

"How about we go upstairs?" Katniss suggested. The rest of the group looked around and nodded, walking towards the elevator. There were fourteen floors to this building, each District getting their own floor in order while the fourteenth floor was the roof where tributes could freely hang out, though an invisible force field pretended the tributes from falling over the edge.

The group was only in the elevator for only a few seconds until it reached the twelfth floor, the group walking into an enormous room that was unbelievable; it was like a three story house built into one room.

"This is amazing." Ashley said in awe, looking over to the walls made out of clear glass so someone could look out onto the large Capitol's city. Ashley, Jeremy, Kenny, Aria, Katniss, Peeta and Sonya would be staying on his floor, while George and his prep team would be staying somewhere else.

"Do you want to meet here for breakfast tomorrow morning?" George asked as he looked at Katniss and Peeta, who nodded.

"How does eight o'clock sound?" Peeta asked.

"We'll be here. We can go over some stuff since training for Jeremy and Ashley isn't until ten o'clock tomorrow morning." George responded, him and his prep team then leaving.

"I'm gonna go take a shower and then check out the roof. Do you want to come with me when I go?" Ashley asked as she looked over to Jeremy, though he shook his head.

"Nah, I'm just gonna relax in my room." Jeremy responded with a sheepish smile, bringing Ashley to return it.

"Can I come with you mommy?" Aria asked.

"Of course." Ashley said as she placed her daughter gently down. "Just give me ten minutes to take a shower and change into more comfortable clothes and then we'll go." Ashley then looked over to her parents. "Could you just watch her while I go in the shower?"

"No problem." Katniss said with a smile, picking up Aria as the group made themselves comfortable. After taking a shower, towel-drying her hair which was still a bit damp but beautiful, and getting dressed in pink pajama pants made of silk with a matching pink silk tank top Ashley stepped out of the bathroom and retrieved her daughter. Aria changed her clothes as well, being clothed in yellow pajama pants with dandelion patterns on the pants, and a red and orange colored pajama t-shirt with suns on it.

"Hello my little flower." Ashley laughed as Aria giggled, the two walking barefoot into the hallway and into the elevator where it would take them up to the roof. Once up on the roof Ashley didn't see any other tributes, bringing her to sigh in relief as her and Aria walked towards the edge of the roof where they were met by a four foot concrete wall. On the left side of the roof there was a large garden filled with all different kinds of flowers, chairs and benches as well.

"Look at the pretty lights from the city! Aren't they pretty mommy?" Aria asked in excitement as Ashley placed her daughter carefully on the edge of the wall and made her sit down. Even though Ashley didn't have to worry about Aria falling over the edge she still wrapped an arm protectively around Aria's waste, though the brunette looked out onto the city. There weren't any lights on top of the roof, but the lights from the large city provided the top of the roof to be visible for the tributes.

"It is very beautiful." Ashley admitted as she looked up at the night's stars as well, hearing the excitement for the Games that came from the crowds below. Aria could clearly hear this too, bringing her smile to turn into a frown as she looked up at her mother.

"Mommy, why are the people down there excited about the Games? It's like they're happy that kids are dying..." Aria said.

"Because the Games is their entertainment; because they don't have anything to lose. They don't have family members who go into the Games and watch as they get killed." Ashley said in slight anger, thinking back to Aria's father who had died in the Games just two years ago.

"Just promise that you'll win." Aria said with sadness, terrified of losing her mother.

"I promise." Ashley responded, kissing the top of her daughter's head. Ashley then gave a little tickle to Aria's ribs to cheer her up, which worked as the toddler began to laugh hysterically as Ashley giggled.

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four
At The Capitol

“I can’t face Ichiru in the arena…” Stefan heard Kiseki say as the two males locked eyes. “I can’t kill him. I know I can’t.” Stefan was silent for a few moments as he thought things through, looking down at his mysterious papers for a moment and then looking back up towards Kiseki.

"Look, there's something that's going to happen which I can't reveal yet, but I will say this; stay alive as long as you can." Stefan said in a whisper, breaking his gaze from Kiseki to look around at their surroundings to make sure no one was listening, then looking back to Kiseki as he shoved the papers into his pocket. "In the arena, find Ichiru and stay alive. Something is going to happen this year, but I'm not allowed to speak of it just yet. Just stay with Caroline, find Ichiru and stay alive as long as possible." Stefan whispered.

Night greeted the group as Caroline and Kiseki reached the Capitol, the two tributes being released to their prep team and to the Tribute Parade. Once that was finally over with the group was led to the fourth floor where they got an entire level to themselves, Caroline amazed by the room. Stefan gave a smile towards Caroline's reaction, walking further into the room.

"Tomorrow morning at ten o'clock both you and Kiseki will have to go down to training with all of the other tributes, so be sure to wake up a little early to have a good breakfast." Stefan said, then walking into the kitchen. Caroline nodded, taking a deep breath to calm herself down as she walked into her own room where she could shower and change clothes, the reality finally hitting her that she was indeed in the Games.

After showering and changing into shorts and a tank top for pajamas Caroline sat on her bed with the door opened as she looked out the large window to the city, her knees curled up to her chest with her arms wrapped around her legs. Stefan was sitting at the kitchen table and happened to look up, being able to see Caroline curled up in her bed. He knew Caroline all too well that something was wrong, bringing the slightly older male to stand up and walk up to the opened doorway.

"Can I come in?" Stefan asked after knocking on the door's frame. Caroline looked at him and nodded, her attention then shifting back to the window. Stefan took a seat next to Caroline, looking at her with deep concern. "What's wrong?"

"Just doing some thinking... about Kiseki and his brother Ichiru." Caroline responded. This took Stefan off guard for a brief moment, though he quickly recovered. "I think I know where Kiseki and I stand now."

"What do you mean?" Stefan asked in confusion, bringing Caroline to look at him as tears pooled her eyes.

"In the arena, if it happens to come down between Kiseki, Ichiru and I as the last three remaining tributes, I know I'm already dead." Caroline responded.

"But Kiseki is your partner." Stefan reminded the curly haired blonde, bringing her to shake her head.

"That wouldn't matter. Ichiru is Kiseki's brother, Stefan. He would choose his brother over me, which I can't even blame him because choosing Ichiru over me makes perfect sense. Just like how if it ever came down between Ashley, Jeremy and I as the last three standing. Even though the three of us played together when we were kids and that our parents were friends, I would still end up dead because the past doesn't matter. No matter what I'm going to end up dead in a few days." The tears finally escaped Caroline's eyes as she spoke, bringing Stefan to quickly wrap his strong arms around her.

"You're going to survive this, Caroline. I know you will. Your brother and I were best friends, which is how you and I became best friends, and when I got to mentor your brother for the Games last year he made me promise to look after you and protect you if he didn't survive." Stefan said, the two looking at each other. Caroline was shocked, not knowing this information before.

"He did?" Caroline asked.

"Yes. Last year right before the Games started your brother Austin and I talked about it the night before he was sent into the arena. I promise that I'm not going to let anything happen to you." Stefan responded.

"Once I'm in the arena though it's out of your control..." Caroline said in a low voice.

"No, it's not." Stefan said with determination. "I'm going to make sure you get amazing sponsors." Caroline nodded, wiping away the tears from her face. Stefan leaned over and gave a kiss on Caroline's forehead, then looking at her with a small smile. "Try and get some sleep. You have a busy day tomorrow." Caroline nodded, watching as Stefan walked out of the room and closed the door, though as Caroline laid down in her large bed her mind continued to swim with the different images of how she was going to die.

Matt Wilson from District Thirteen
At The Capitol

Matt laid in his bed staring up at the ceiling on the thirteenth floor of where all of the tributes were staying, thinking back to Ashley, Jeremy and their family. Matt became outraged when learning that Ashley's daughter Aria and younger brother Kenny were allowed at the Capitol, the jealousy turning into obsession for their blood to be spilled. The young man stood up, needing some air to try and clear his head so he could sleep that night for tomorrow's training session. Matt walked up to the roof, his rage only increasing when seeing who was up there.

"Damn..." Matt said in a very low voice when seeing Ashley tickling Aria, the young man quickly hiding in the shadows. All he wanted to do was kill Ashley right then and there, but he knew if he did then he would be executed. Instead, he remained in the shadows spying, maybe somehow getting information about Ashley that would help him figure out what kind of weapons she specialized in.
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