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Default Re: Pokémon: Conifer [RP]

Felix Blake (with mentions of Daisy Blake)
Home-En route to school-School (Conifer)
Affected RPers: N/A

Felix Blake didn’t know if he should hate or enjoy the first day of class. He wasn’t looking forward to enduring teachers spout one useless fact after, and of course, the homework they would inevitably assign. On the other hand, the summer soccer league had been less-than-challenging and he was looking forward to taking his place on the school team. Felix knew they had a good shot at the gold this time, and was quite excited to start the season.

Deciding this day signified more good than bad, he grabbed his backpack, heavy with the various supplies a student needed. Despite the weight, the teenager effortlessly slung it around his shoulder and headed down the stairs. His heavy steps were muffled slightly by the heavy carpeting, although this not enough to mask his presence.

“Hey, champ, almost ready to go?” his father asked, from the dining room no doubt.

“Almost, just getting a toast,” was the reply, although the two slices of rye bread were neither “toast” nor a single unit. Not that he paid it any attention, opening the white fridge, decorated in an array of magnets, and pulling out a small jar of peanut butter.

When he was a kid, the first day of school was almost a family affair. His mother would make them pancakes or waffles, and all four Blakes would enjoy them together, talking about the year to come. Any fit he could have thrown, a good fluffy pancake would prevent. It had been a long time since the last “family breakfast”…

Felix was dragged from his thoughts by a muffled rendition of “Firework”. It took him a moment to realize this was his phone, one of his better friends, a certain , had texted him. He’d need to set the gadget back to “vibrate” before the first class.

“Alright, heading out!” he exclaimed, pulling the gizmo from his pocket, fingers flying across the tiny keypad. They only stopped when Felix opened the front door, and commenced again when it was closed behind him. His father’s inevitable response was blocked off, although the teenager was too engrossed in his texting to really notice.

He took a few distracted steps before being interrupted by another voice, this one female.

“Oh Felix, I’m glad I caught you,” she sounded a bit sleepy, but otherwise alright.

“Hey sis, what’s up?”

“I’m working the morning shift, and I can drop you off. If you’d like, of course.” That would explain why she was up already. Daisy, as of late, was more a night owl then an early bird.

Now, Felix beamed. Although the bike ride was nice, getting to school extra early would allow him the time to stalk some friends.

“Awesome! Thanks sis!” his tone was noticeably more pleasant it had been with his father.

_ -_

The traffic was heavier than usual, and it only grew more noticeable as they neared the high school. Felix didn’t care much, he was still ahead of schedule, and the flurry of texts he was getting was more than enough to keep him busy.

“Guess Ford doesn’t make signal lights anymore,” Daisy was sounding both nervous and unimpressed, eyeing a Focus cutting into another lane, sans warning. She was regretting having driven and should probably have taken the bus, knowing this construction was here. Being tired didn’t help matters much either.

Luckily, it didn’t take much longer to reach the school, and after exchanging well wishes for the day, the siblings parted. Felix eyed the various students sprawled around the grounds, most in small clusters, chatting away. He was one of the only ones standing on his own, although that didn’t last very long.

“Yo, Lix!” The blonde turned around, and forced a laugh when he noticed one of his better friends approaching.

“Hey Vin!” It was bizarre seeing Kelvin before the bell, he had made missing chunks of first period routine during the past few years. However, Felix knew the school started cracking down on his poor punctuality and if it didn’t improve this year, he wouldn’t be allowed participate in any sports. Kelvin loved playing for the hockey team, it was a known fact. Putting two and two together was as easy as pie.

They talked for a bit, slowly being joined by a group of their other friends. Some came and left while others stuck around, and thus, the conversation danced between various topics. Having texted with most of these people all summer, there was very little to catch up on.

Felix allowed his gaze to drift over the growing mass of students anew, as if searching for a particular body. It locked onto a large congregation, who seemed to be laughing at something. Unfortunately, he couldn't see exactly what it was, not from his angle...

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