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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion

Hmm...well, if we were to "restart" from the swamp, it would cut out going through the dry lands again and I think we could take care of the problem. Let's say that at the north and south edges of the dry lands, there are barriers (like a deep gorge) which would cause others to travel in the same direction as the swamp. Any new characters can say that they have already crossed the barren area and simply make their start in the bog.

- We update our old characters if they are staying, or make the SU for new characters as normal. Any characters not updated, will simply be dropped as if they had not been there or went another way (or something...).

- Those of us (our characters at least) who were already in the swamp, can start together from that point. It saves the intros from those who will be continuing. Even if you make changes to a character, we should know each other well enough to pick it up. (I hope ^^')

-When new characters do catch up to the group, if we can keep the meeting down to quick introductions then we can definitely talk and learn more as we travel, correct? ^^

It's only a suggestion, but I think it's simple enough that we don't have to begin all the way back at the valley and still have a fairly fresh start for changes to the line-up. I dunno if everyone will agree, just figured I'd throw it out as a compromise. ^^'
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