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Default Rules & How to Play! [READ FIRST!]

Welcome to the PE2K Wi-Fi League! This league is designed to get everyone involved in Wi-Fi Battling, whether you’re into competitive training or just love raising your favourite Pokemon. The PE2K Wi-Fi League is not made to be highly competitive and is based more upon having fun, making friends and enjoying battling. Of course, competitive battlers are welcome to join in with whatever Pokemon they like, but we strongly encourage you to use your favourite Pokemon. As this is a casual league, we request that you do not EV train/IV breed your Pokemon and just play for fun.

The PE2K Wi-Fi League (WFL) is set up like a Pokemon game. If you know how to play a Pokemon game then participating in the League is easy! Here is the basic idea...
*Register for the league and choose your starter Pokemon
*Obtain this Pokemon on your BW game and train them up
*Begin your journey around the Celestia Region
*Battle other trainers and join events to earn stars
*Use stars to purchase more Pokemon or catch wild Pokemon for your team
*Defeat Gym Leaders and become the PE2K League Champion!

Rules and How to Play - Information you need to join the WFL
Celestia Region Rules - Information you need to begin your journey around Celestia
Wi-Fi League Registrations - Sign up here for the League
General Chat, Help & Questions - Ask questions here and get help
XAT Chat - Chat with other WFL players and find trainers to battle

Journey - Travel around the Celestia Region
Gyms - Battle Gym Leaders or apply for a Gym
Trainer Records - Keep track of your WFL stats

Pokemon Ranch - Buy Pokemon
PokeMart - Buy items
Trading Post - Trade Pokemon
Evolution Thread - Evolve your Pokemon
Day Care Center - Raise your Pokemon and get/hatch eggs
Dream Center - Purchase Dream World abilities
Fossil Digging & Revival - Dig for Fossils or revive them
WFL Global Trade Station - Get help obtaining hard-to-find Pokemon

Make sure you read the rules in this thread. If you have trouble understanding anything, please post your questions in the General Chat, Help & Questions board or contact one of the officials listed in the next post.

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