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Default 2012 Grand Championship

2012 Grand Championship

Itís that time of the year again where I put up another boring festival. If thatís what you were expecting, prepare to be disappointed!

Unlike the standard tournament you all have come to love, this one is three different stages of action. The stakes are higher, and the prizes succulent. So letís get done to business and may the best person win.

The tournament will have three stages and the winner will have the most combined points from all three rounds. Nobody will be eleminated in the tournament, if you sign-up you will have to go through all three rounds, so be prepared to play in them all.

The three stages are each the style of contests. So the first is R/S/E, the second D/P/PT, and the final will be the B/W style. The total points cumulated will determine the winner. So you donít get eliminated from the tournament, you only play.

The winner will be crowned champion of Contests and recieve a Division and Pokemon as rewards. Please direct any questions or thoughts in the Contest general chat thread. Finally, we need multiples of four, so it will be first-come, first-served.


1) Sign Up is $1,000
2) Stats will not used
3) Sign Ups will be open for two weeks


$5,000 in CC
A Hard mon of your choice + Complex Level Rental for duration + Division

$5,000 CC
A Medium mon of your choice

$4,000 CC
A Simple mon of your choice

$3,000 CC
A Simple mon of your choice
Coordinator Stat's

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