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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Max is hit with the overwhelming feeling of fear

*Beta...This is worse,much worse.*

Max drops to floor feeling wrenching pain rush through his body.

*Focus , Focus, we have to break the connection or she will get inside your mind....ahhhhhh....Team Rocket.....Testing out new way to indoctrinate people....ahhhhhhhh...Air bourne...Get me out of here..We were not perpared for this!*

Max rolls around on the floor. Fighting back her invasions, he slowly pushes himself up. He gets to his feet.

Sabrina smiles as she messes with him.
"You have a lot of power boy, but Im afraid its not enough."

Sabrina starts to focus again.

Max finds the he cant control his own body, his legs start to shake as he start walking, he lifts up and shatters the window. A sharp wind blows in. Max walks to the edge and is stopped when

A voice in the background calls out.
"Sabrina stop this."

Max takes a few steps back.

"Forgive Sabrina, she doesnt know when to stop. "

Sabrina looks at the man and stops herself from saying something.

"Leave us Sabrina. Please young man come away from the window. "

* Beta, you said I was rash, well you were right.*

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