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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

<Markus was going through a lapse in all consious thought, so excuse me for not being worried! And stop calling me-Oh, oh my.>

<*To himself* Hrm...You know, a group of terrorists can't just walk into Saffron. The Police are very good. Silph Co's guards are even better. Sabrina herself is a b**ch, but she's bada**, nobody expects that she has a Personal Party to deal with s**t outside of work....>

<...So they'd have to have either a serious threat, or someone better than Sabrina, to defeat her...>

<...A Gym Leader. An Elite 4 Member. The Champion. Any of those, former or present, could do it. But that doesn't narrow it down enough, and they make therough background checks when dealing with them! Criminals aren't allowed...>

<...Let's think here...Gym Leaders, Elite 4, Champion...Well, the Elite 4 and Champion are constantly checked, and they'll hunt you down like a wolf for not appearing for a check. They're out. Gym Leaders are less frequent, though...Much less...>

<...One could have turned to crime after becoming a Gym Leader, and make sure every tracable action didn't point to him or her...>

<...That, or it's a former one of any of those, though there aren't that many...I'd know if someone was thrown out for crimes, they make big news about the changing of the guard...>

<...That doesn't narrow it down completely, but it->

*Crotch is kicked*


Sorry, you were going into one of those...Things! You really scared me the last time, I couldn't tell if you were alive, your hearbeat was really slow...

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