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Default Re: Anime Dream Team

If Oak says I can choose any pokemon I rush to New Bark town in Johto to get my Totodile,
In the Union cave I catch a golbat,
Then I take a flight to Relic Castle in Unova to catch the sun god Volcarona,
Now I race to Sinnoh to the spooky Old Chateau, avoid the creepy ghosts and encounter Rotom,
Now I'm in Sinnoh with strong pokemon I might as well defeat Team Galactic, so Dialga is all mine!

Now I have destroyed a Criminal Organisation I deserve a vacation in Hoenn, where my last pokemon Mudkip is waiting for me

My Dream Team:

Feraligatr, Crobat, Volcarona, Rotom, Dialga and Swampert.

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