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Default Re: [FW] Global Mercenaries (GTS+)

Sorry for the double post again, but as a heads up, I just wanted to let you guys know about the timeline I've been thinking up.

The Global Mercenaries were formed two years ago, Marco was 24, and Richard was 13. They purchased the Rising Sun and started gathering crew members and sailing. Marco disappeared right before they set sail to the new continent, let's say about 6-7 weeks ago. So all of the current crew were hired on by, and served under, Marco for at least a few weeks. You guys can place your character's joining wherever you like on that.

Sorry if this is sudden, but I had to balance it out a bit. Richard has to be young enough to have his capabilities called into question, but the group has to be old enough that Selena and Vidar's backstories make sense in it. If this doesn't work, I can push it back to six years, tops. This would put Marco at 20 and Richard at 9, that absolute minimum age that makes sense for him to be taking such a huge part in ocean travel.
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