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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Alright, finally got Kris posted. I'll get Kenta up later X3

And, I think I might demote Akari to NPC in Kris's place, since I don't think I can handle more then one at the moment.

Name: She’ll introduce herself as Kris

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Note that Kris has kept her original bag and on cooler days, will wear her old short jacket.

Personality: In the typical high school, Kris would make a great student. Hard-working and determined, she takes a serious approach when executing tasks. Actually, generalising her character as “serious” wouldn’t be much of stretch. In fact, laziness and slacking off are some of her greatest pet-peeves and are not tolerated too well. When starting a task, Kris prefers to see it through, but has learned there are times when quitting is inevitable. Actually, she is aware of her boundaries and doesn’t work herself to a dangerous point.

In terms of feelings, the teenage girl doesn’t hide them too often. If she is angry, a mask is not devised to cover it up, and some could see it as leaving herself vulnerable to manipulation. While this is true, almost as a trade off, her emotions are rarely overwhelming and stay fairly controlled. It is worth noting that since the “incident”, she has become a bit more fragile in this department, though not to an extreme.

Being a serious person, Kris both rarely cracks jokes or laughs at them, although she does have a tolerance for silliness (up to a certain extent of course). She usually avoids directly participating, but enjoys the light heartedness. Actually, most of the time, a faint smile can be found on her face, reflecting a friendly edge present in her character.

It probably isn’t much of a surprise that she is knowledgeable on the subject of Pokémon (pre-Sinnoh, with a few exceptions) and is quite capable of putting it to good use.

For someone who’s lost most of her memories, Kris has done a good job at maintaining her persona, for the most part. Her ability to use the more modern technologies is also hampered, and she is more at home with gadgets dating half a decade or so.

Home World: Pokémon (Johto)

History: Kris doesn’t remember much about her past, only being from the town of New Bark, a boy named Gold/Hibiki and her Pokémon. Everything else was erased in a freak encounter with a particular legendary and Kris has spent the last years in a coma, lost to the world. The nature of the incident has caused many to forget her existence, with only a few still recognising Kris’s name. Her presence may be enough to stir masked memories in certain, however.

At first, it might be hard to notice Kris is without the majority of her memories. She can accurately state her hometown as New Bark and that her starter was the grass type Chikorita. Her entire team has retained its place in her mind, but that’s where things go from clear to foggy. She does recall the names Gold and Spin, along with their belonging to close friends. Any further detail is in the black. The only other face Kris would recognise would be her mother’s…

Knowing that tidbit, it isn’t too hard to guess that growing up; the girl was on good terms with her maternal figure. Her father’s job kept him absent more often than not resulting in a less developed relationship being foraged. From an early age, Kris was introduced to books and would adore being read to. However, unlike most kids, she took a shine the non-fiction genre, but stayed mainstream when her topic of choice was Pokémon information. This only cemented itself over time.

Of course, talking about her early years and not mentioning Spinel and Kenta would be missing critical information. The former was introduced to her at a very young age, their parents being friends with hers. They seemed to click from the word go and remained great friends. Kenta, on the other hand, took a little warming up to. They met in Kindergarten one fine day and after a while; the “Three Musketeers” were cemented. Considering the trio had different characters, conflict between them was surprisingly rare.

Despite being kept home a few years beyond her tenth birthday, Kris, alongside her best friends, become some of the first trainers ever to be followed by the rookie Professor Elm. She selected Chikorita whom was named Mint, after the aroma she emitted. This day, she set out with Mint at her side, with hopes of documenting ‘em all and challenging the many gyms throughout the land.

At first, she relied too much on theory, which ended up losing her a good deal of matches. It did take a while, but Kris didn’t give up and managed to balance her battle style in the end. Of course, things were never too easy, however, loses became less common.

Along the way, she met new people and Pokémon, adding new members to her team as she traveled.

A point of interest came about early enough, The Ruins of Alph. Kris, interested in the ancient ruin, had taken a slight detour to visit the site. She and Mint ended up discovering an incomplete puzzle hidden in one of the historic buildings. It took a long time, but the girl managed to finish the enigma, and what happened after that, she isn’t quite sure. The duo woke up in the main ruin hours later, with an eerie vibe resonating throughout the place. She and Mint vowed never to speak of the incident…

Encountering a few Rockets, earning some badges and exploring her native region, Kris was sailing rather smoothly despite the occasional setback. She spent a bit of time in the cultural hub of Eckrutec, meeting and facing some of the Kimono girls. One happened to use two unfamiliar Pokémon, Glaceon and Leafeon, which drew the teenager’s intrigue.

All of this, as mentioned, eludes Kris. After a freak encounter with bizarre beings on the return from Cianwood*, she and her Pokémon were lost. More jarring and unusual yet, the world seems to have forgotten her as well. Even those she was closest to only have vague recollections at best, and as such, her vanishing went by almost completely unnoticed. For the longest time, she remained in some sort of comma, only to be awakened when the worlds merged.

Searching for answers, Kris has once again taken to traveling, this time throughout the foreign land. Maybe, just maybe, her presence could stir memories in certain people, should she be lucky enough to meet them…

*It is worth noting that she had just past Chuck, and as such, her team’s levels and experience match this.


Bayleef-Female-Mint (starter)

Togetic-Male-Bliss (given by Elm)

Magby- Male- Coal (hatched from random egg given at the Daycare)

Eevee-Female- Dani (gift from Bill)

Lapras-Male-Mystic (Union Cave capture)

Flaafy-Female-Sparkle (random encounter)

(Furret-Female-Scout (first Pokémon caught)

Shuckle-Male-Shuckie (lent by a paranoid guy in Cianwood)

Sudowoodo-Male-Trick (was blocking the road, caught))*

*The final three Pokémon were boxed, but have somehow found themselves back on Kris’s roster. They are less powerful then her main six.

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