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Default Heroes of Earth - SU[open]/DS

Pokemon-Gijinka RP with a rating of PG-13 on romance and R on violence

Heroes of Earth

"The people and the world need a hero in times of need and despair and it's up to you to defend their cause, no matter how much it troubles our people. In the end, we're all human - no matter what anyone says..."

~ . ~ . ~ . ~

The day is February 18, 2029 and all is seemingly 'perfect' for the inhabitants of Earth. However, when a meteor shower befalls the grounds of the many regions of this Pokemon-populated world, something strange begins to occur. Pokemon become more violent than normal and certain citizens began to notice biological and genetic problems within themselves and others. Some people begin to lose complete control or their actions becoming savage monsters while others change in simple degrees - maintaining their cognitive thinking and most of their physical appearance. However, with the troubling alarm of people becoming mutants and the rest of the human population becoming alarmed for their own well-being the government created separate town facilities for these "mutants" to reside. With shocking outrage by the mutated people, the government had to quarantine troubled individuals and throw them in a private prison off the coast of Cinnabar Island called the Justified Sanctum. Their reasons for the prison was simple - "We don't want the other mutants to backfire their anger towards us. We only want to help the people."

With the rest of the mutant population they were ushered into their own private towns located in the deep, foreboding forests of Viridian, Petalburgh, Ilex, Pinwheel, and Eterna. Each forest was enclosed and kept off to normal, ordinary citizens warning them of the possible radiation exposures they could retain if they were to near the mutant citizens. Trainers and normal citizens were also warned of the possible threats of the inhabitant Pokemon becoming feral and dangerous. The wild Pokemon had grown blood-thirsty since the falling of the meteors and since then a death toll had risen in account to that fateful day. Thus, the government had also relocated the creatures into the forests with the mutant citizens. In order to keep these creatures and mutants contained the scientists of Silph Co. created a barrier to place around each of the five forests. It was an invisible force-field that branched across each tuft of nature around the forested regions. Fresh air and weather conditions still passed through the barriers as though there was nothing there. If anyone tried passing either way however, an electrical surge would shoot through the bodies of any being either electrocuting the target or injuring them a great deal. In order to keep the children and any other activist out of the forests the government also placed one more precaution down. An electric fence that stood as high as the trees around each forest. They were 20 ft. away from the actual forests themselves but stood as an extra barrier towards the citizens.

All was not well however. With the alarming number of mutant people the government quarantined after the outrage of being relocated, they were forced to send them elsewhere. That elsewhere wasn't just any facility however. Off the coast of Cinnabar Island was a secretly reconstructed asylum meant for deranged criminals. Previously though it was ushered as "unconstitutional" by many activists back in 2000. The buildings there were destroyed and rendered incompatible for any being to live in them. Although the grounds were deemed unlivable and unconstitutional, gazes were adverted and the reconstruction went underway. And, with the recent wave of mutations and dangerous citizens the government had no choice but to rebuild the tattered walls. Without funding though, the Justified Sanctum would take years to build if it wasn't for Silph Co. They funded the asylum and in turn asked the government to turn their gaze elsewhere. All they asked was that the government supplied specimens for their research. Silph Co. assured that they would create model citizens out of the mutants. The creation of the asylum was grotesque, foreboding, evil, and not to mention disgusting. In all, it was perfect. The government imprisoned the mutant creatures and left everything in the hands of the scientists. The government thought they would hear the end of this dilemma - oh, how they were soon to be wrong. So, so, wrong.

Back in the forested homes of the mutants things weren't better for them either. The "homes" the government spoke of were shacks and huts. They weren't fit for the percentage of people forced to live together nor were they safe from the dangerous mutants and Pokemon. The basic supplies the government also spoke of were lacking as well. Each citizen was provided with a canteen for liquids and a small sack of berries. There were basic household supplies in each shack along with mundane clothing, necessities, etc. They were duped. The government lied to the mutants. All they had known was stripped from them - their families, Pokemon, friends, jobs... everything they had ever known was taken. Children without parents, parents without their children, brother without sister - everyone was missing something. What made the situation worse however is now they were forced to live with the blood-thirsty creatures, stalking each person from the shadows. What the feral Pokemon and normal citizens didn't know though was that the changed-humans were capable of protecting themselves. The people weren't just mutated - they were mutated with Pokemon DNA, being able to call upon the powers, abilities, and instincts that comes with being a Pokemon.

~ . ~ . ~ . ~

The day is now February 18, 2044, exactly fifteen years have passed since the meteor showers. The normal citizens of each region have carelessly forgotten about the mutants that walked alongside them only years ago. Families that have lost members and friends that have lost companions turned a cold shoulder towards what used to be in their hearts as well. Everyone that used to be is now no longer here. Their files were wiped clean from the system, labeling them as beings that never existed. The Pokemon that once roamed free with the humans are now completely domesticated. Battling is forbidden as well as the use of gyms. The government has put a crack-down and well-enforced law among the people stating that Pokemon must not be influenced to tap into their wild, unpredictable instincts. As long as Pokemon stayed clueless and on leashes the danger and threat of their blood-lust would be sustained. No one dare enters the forested routes anymore and no one even seems concerned about the Justified Sanctum. People have lived the past fifteen years ignorant to the obvious. Well, the past is about to catch up to them...

Deep in the forests of Viridian, Ilex, Petalburgh, Eterna, and Pinwheel the mutants have been growing in strength, speed, stamina, etc. They have been learning the way of the Pokemon and have learned how to adapt to their surroundings. The people that roam the forests are gifted with the abilities to communicate with Pokemon, tap into their abilities, and nonetheless, their powers. Although life has been rough for them they have managed to survive and even better they have learned to thrive. However, those who weren't alive - or those just born fifteen years prior - have no knowledge of world outside the forest. Their knowledge is limited due to a lack of supplies and they're perception of the world beyond the barrier is like looking through a telescope. They have a narrow view and idea of the massive lands before them. The government had planned on keeping their simple perception that way until Silph Co. goons tinkered the barrier surrounding the forested regions. They tinkered the barriers in order to conduct research upon the inhabitants now that they have adapted to living as "savages". In order to open the barrier they need a Silph Co. ID - which, temporarily opens the barrier from where the said person is standing long enough to let them through. The Silph Co. goons have set up bases in discrete areas of each forest observing the mutants and Pokemon alike. No one knows what they're up to besides the blunt excuse they gave the government.

In the Justified Sanctum however, well, that's a whole other story. Each "criminal" accused of acting out towards the government during the relocation and each mutant that couldn't control their blood-lust during their transformation have been thoroughly punished accordingly. Or, that's what Silph Co. reports to the 'people'. Instead, they have been conducting a little research on each inmate. People who were once human are now treated as test Rattata. Injections testing their capabilities, arenas to test their strength as they're pitted against one another, torture rooms to test their deepest fears, electrocutions... anything the twisted mind can come up with has been done to each citizen of the Justified Sanctum. That's not the end of it though. DNA splices have been trialed as well - to make the mutants stronger than ever. Mind-control has been a work in progress, also. The head honcho of the whole corporation, Steven Mandela, has been the poster-face of every experiment conducted. His newest experiment is about to unfold, too. The release of certain inmates on unsuspecting towns and cities...

How are the humans going to stop the rampage of these powered-up mutants? The government can't possibly defeat these mutants themselves, especially since they're infused with Pokemon-powers! That only leaves the mutants of the forests... with their help the people have a chance of winning. However, will the mutants accept their plea and will the humans accept them for who they are? Professor Steven Mandela isn't going to wait for the answer and either way, he's still releasing his revamped mutants on the world. What will the mutants do? Will they set things right, or, will they make things worse?

Your Role

Normal Human: A normal citizen of any town/city and region of the Pokemon-inhabited world. You could be a suspecting civilian wondering about the mutants, against them, or perhaps you're clueless. It's your decision on how you control this role. Humans usually have the basic fear of the unknown - thus, if confronted by a mutant their instinct usually isn't to stay around and chat. Humans are usually judgmental creatures if something different approaches. But, they can be very desperate creatures as well... However, your character can be completely the opposite. This is just the basic understanding of the general public. Humans are permitted to keep six Pokemon - no more. By law, if the said Pokemon is out, is required to stay on a leash and fighting is forbidden to suppress their basic instincts.

Other Human: Born in the forests completely normal by parents that were mutated in the meteor shower fifteen years ago. Life has been especially hard for these people due to their lack of power and understanding of the Pokemon language. These people have been kept in the dark most of their life and are usually ridiculed for being power-less. They have nothing special about them besides the fact they aren't afraid of their mutated brethren. They are permitted to 'own' as many Pokemon as they would prefer (being in a reasonable range). These people have no rules basing what they do with their Pokemon, thus, they are permitted to do what they please with their companions may it be battling, etc. However, they own no form of Pokeball and thus, they must keep tabs on them at all times. Most normal humans do not usually own Pokemon unless they braved the forests alone and know methods of taming the blood-thirsty creatures.

Mutant: Mutated from the events that occurred fifteen years prior or people that were born this way from mutated parents. Mutants have the abilities, instincts, and powers that Pokemon contain within themselves. Not only do they have this, they also have the appearances of the Pokemon their powers are based upon and basic understanding of the Pokemon language. Unlike what the city/town dwellers say, these people are not even close to savage - besides those who cannot control themselves (small percentage of mutants). They have family systems, schooling, leadership, and other means of making the most of their situation. Although they have the means to do simple tasks as these, the younger population of mutants have simple intelligence. Mutants are also allowed to own as many companion Pokemon as they would like as well. They have an easier chance of befriending Pokemon of their own typing but, nonetheless, can befriend anything they choose. Being cursed - or 'blessed' - with their powers mean that they are a force to be reckoned with when pitted in battle and the government needs people like these. Will they accept to help the humans? Or, will they turn their backs on those who need them desperately?

Justified Sanctum Mutant: Mutated from the events that occurred fifteen years prior. Half of the inmates were only trying to stand up for their natural rights while the other half of the inmates were thrown into the J.S. because they were unable to control their savage Pokemon instincts. They have been tortured, beaten, mind-controlled, and more. Their minds and physical bodies are unstable. What once used to be normal people are now twisted horror-shows and Silph Co. are responsible. Silph Co. is creating tools of war with the mutants to control the world with them and they aren't done yet...

About the RP

Hello! If you're reading this then you must have read everything above, haha. Well, this RP is Pokemon Gijinka-based as you can tell. What this RP is basically supposed to be is a superhero RP and instead of random superheroes we have people infused with Pokemon DNA who will act as these people. I know, kind of far-fetched from what you read, right? Well, we'll get there! I promise, haha. All you guys need to know is that this IS a superhero-Pokemon-Gijinka RP. ;D It will make even more sense as the RP goes on. Hopefully you guys saw some of that element in it as you were reading. Well, hopefully. I'm just trying to be different here. C:

The RP will start with the mutants in their forested homes and the government planning on asking them for aid to help them against the Justified Sanctum threat. If a normal human you may choose to either be a common trainer/scientist/etc. but you cannot be in the said forests. If you're a Justified Sanctum mutant you'll begin in the J.S. living your daily routine until Steven Mandela chooses the villains to release on the world. He's the head honcho on the whole operation. I'll be playing him, of course.

NOTE: It doesn't matter which forest the mutants start. They'll be joined together soon after the RP starts.


1) This is going to be a pretty violent RP as stated above. There will probably be deaths and gory scenes as well as troubling tortures. Nothing too explicit in terms of sexually. We're trying to keep this clean - besides the gore. If you must go past PG-13 in romance, take that elsewhere please. No one wants to see/read that...

2) Now that I have my internet back up and I'm done with school, I'm going to be as active as possible. Now, that means that whoever joins needs to try to be active as well for this RP to work. Meaning, try to post twice every week. if that's not possible, then, please inform us beforehand in SU/DS please! :D If you're going to be gone, also, post that here~ Any inactive members will be taken as such and will be counted as NPC's until said person returns. If the NPC is in the middle of something me or one of the other members will finish what you were doing and place your character elsewhere.

3) Follow all PkmElite2000 rules. If you cannot, I must put you on the banned list.

4) Have a basic understanding of grammar, punctuation, etc. Yes, I know I'm not perfect either but a basic understanding would be nice. Each post must also be a minimum length of 2 paragraphs. If that's somehow not possible it's okay once in a while, but, if this is a trend I'm going to have to ask you to leave. We don't want one-liners or short posts to dominate this RP. D:

5) I'll be updating the news feed with current events of the RP so that anyone who was away or late to join can catch up with us. C:

6) I have the right to accept or deny anyone who wants to join, remember that. ;D But, most likely I'll accept you, haha. So, try not to worry too much on the Sign-Up sheets. I'll only deny if there's something seriously wrong with the Sign-Up.

7) Now, with legendaries, no one is allowed to own them. Unless, I say otherwise. The same goes with normal mutants. With the Justified Sanctum mutants however, that's another story. Since they're one of the main villains in this RP they may be gifted with the DNA of a legendary Pokemon. Now, that doesn't make them automatically unbeatable. It just makes them a hassle to fight, haha.

8) The limit on characters you can have in unlimited. I find that limiting characters limits player control. Just as long as you can keep track of each one is fine by me. Also, the limit on moves your Pokemon and mutant can know is unlimited as well. Just as long as you can keep track of the moves and you make them a reasonable amount is fine. Example, having a mutant child knowing 30+ moves is obviously not fine. Just use basic knowledge on that one. :p

9) Please ask questions if you're unsure about anything! I tried making things as clear as I could when I first typed this up, but, mistakes can clearly happen still. D: Anything you need to know will be answered! C: Or thought upon depending on the context of the question. C:

10) Last but not least, have fun! I'm trying to make this an interesting and fun RP to be in!
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