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Default Re: Clan Sizes are going to change (Discussion )

Originally Posted by Lost Soul View Post
Im on my phone right now, so ill expand when im less busy, its a bit of a two way street from PE's perspective, I wouldn't have any problems lowering the number of members, it makes sense actually, if it works, its possible also that people may not even bother to become active again when they find that their own clan is full and have to start a new clan

Another possible alternative and may seem a bit radical, is keep the limit to 12 or 15, and turn the clan system to a similar system as the war teams, a clan not strictly for battlers but RP'ers, artists and others, and expand the idea of interactive Pokemon, while it'll be the leaders prerogative on the makeup of their clan, its also possible to get people interested in competitive battling, ill expand on this more when im at my pc, but basically it'll turn it into a year long competition, and for say the top four clans get to battle it out in the next war
well we can work on what to do with people who have gone inactive, maybe allow for 2 people to be on your inactive list. Inactive members are not a concern right now. Ways to get this place going again is.
If 5 is to low then we can move it to ten, either way, the number has to change.

Then second thing your describing would a club, the only problem with that is clubs dont battle each other. This needs to be about battling, weather it be wifi or po/showdown. Now recruiting people who are willing to battle or at least try is a great idea. They could end up getting more into it.

Also, remember I am going to be trying some new tournies/alternative wars. So that everyone can participate.

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