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Default Re: What six pokemon would you want in real life.

I think I'd be located next to the flying type gym. No, seriously, my home and the areas surrounding it are seriously some kind of hotspot for birds. I also constantly go to mountainous areas and beach areas for vacations, so I'd probably have more variety...Though, this is probably what would be it, going strictly off the wildlife nearby.

1) Swellow (I love Swellow since I got one to compliment my starter Mudkip in Hoenn. I ended up training the Tailow more than my Starter in that runthrough of Saphire, oddly enough. This would probably represent the hordes of birds, the species thereof being too many to properly count and divide.)
2) Golduck (I see a lot of ducks. The alternative is Swanna, and yes, I have seen Swans in my local area...Not a fan of Swanna.)
3) Toxicroak (There are toads around! Well, not poisonous ones, but I've been in a few swampy areas nearby, where Crogunk like living, if I'm correct.)
4) Lopunny (Rabbits are an uncommon-yet-still-not-rare sight.)
5) Emolga (Flying Squirrles are an endangered species from what I know. I've seen ONE in my lifetime (and even then I may have been mistaken), and it was near my home. One ridiculously rare Flying Squirrel for me! :D)
6) Breloom (I see mushrooms grow in my backyard. Don't tell me Shroomish aren't unlikely).

Going off of Pokedex locations...I'd be in an Urban/Lakeside/Forest area.

1) Dragonite (Dratini are in Lake areas. Thank you, Dex!)
2) Sceptile (Forest areas)
3) Gallade (A fighting Pokemon that'll defend me to the end? I would like such a being, yes. Urban areas.)
4) Weavile (No, really! Dex says so! Forest areas!)
5) Togekiss (Again, also in forest areas. That is just awesome.)
6) Zoroark (Considering Lostlorn Forest, this isn't unreasonable. Forest Areas, of course.)

And a Dream Team...Hehehe.

1) Latios (I love Latios! And his sister too. Both.)
2) Latias (Very much the reason behing having both. As they live in Lake areas, this is also a possibility.)
3) Arceus (OK, this one was on everyone's wish list. It's ridiculously strong, the creator of worlds and the master and creator of Pokemon that manipulate the fabric of spacetime.)
4) Jirachi (A Wishmaking Pokemon. If Arceus isn't as powerful as he's portrayed in the games, Jirachi and the ability to make Wishes definately is...Hehehe. It's almost irresponsible.)
5) Reshiram (Love Reshi. I love Reshi. And...)
6) Kyurem (I don't know if they can make DNA Link pins to make White Kyurem, and if they don't, I'd exchange it for Virizion on account of type coverage and all that. I'd say Kyurem is cool, but that's a bad pun. :P)

And that's it. I really admit, a lot of people will put Arceus on their dream teams just out of his pure power. Or just legendaries in general...
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