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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [SU/DS]

Name: Trainer17
Character: Vahn D. Brande (Vah-n D Brah-Nd)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Class: Dragon Slayer : Vahn uses a form of Lost Magic - Dragon Slayer Magic

Lost Magic is a type of Magic that has been obliterated from the history of the world due to their immense power and the sheer gravity of their side effects. However, users of such Magic still exist, though the Magic itself is believed to be rare.

Dragon Slayer Magic is a branch of Lost Magic which allows its users to transform the physiology of their body into those of a dragon. As a result of this, those with Dragon Slayer abilities are able to change their body to their own element in both offensive and defensive styles. They can consume external sources of their natural element to replenish their own energy. They are also naturally immune to the effects of their own element that came from both their own person and to those from other sources, but must consume it through their mouths if they are to actually absorb it into their bodies.

Appearance: Click

Vahn is a lean, well-built young man of average height with a slightly tan skin tone, black eyes, and spiky rose-colored hair. In addition, Vahn has a scar on the right side of his neck which is visible in the few instances he doesn't wear his scarf. He also wears a strange stamp resembling some sort of a Dragon, colored red and is located at the top of his right arm, just below his shoulder. Vahnís outfit mainly consists of a black waistcoat with gold trimmings over his chest with no undershirt, white knee-length trousers, a thick black wristband on his left wrist, black open-toed sandals and his scarf that he always wears. It is detailed with white scales and was given to him by his adoptive father, a Fire Dragon named Brandere. He has been known to wear a rolled up comforter strapped across his back, though he rarely carries it in battle.

Personality: Vahn is carefree and reckless in nature. And, despite his constant brawls with the others, be it his friends or people he meets for the first time, he is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. Vahn thinks things through in a rather straightforward manner that usually involves taking things ďhead onĒ. Even when faced with obvious hostility, he rarely holds a grudge or negative feelings towards an enemy. One of Vahnís most dangerous ability in the world, is that he could turn anyone around him into his allies, including former enemies. Vahnís powerful charisma has earned him many powerful friends and allies at times of need, allowing him to escape the tightest situations. Vahn rarely shows his perverseness towards the opposite gender.

Vahn continuously tries to prove his strength to others, especially to stronger opponents than himself. Despite some losses, Vahn holds no grudge against his victors as he considers them as his tutor, someone who has pushed him even further. Due to his reckless nature, Vahnís fights usually ends with widespread destruction. His continuous desire to fight causes him to develop great wit in battle, quickly identifying his opponentís weaknesses and forms strategies to block his enemiesí plans. There are times whereby he defeats his enemies with just wits alone. Vahn is also stubborn as he hardly ever admits his defeats.

Despite his passion for fighting, Vahn also generally refuses to fight someone that he does not personally consider an enemy, preferring to either talk it over or walk away from the confrontation. Over the years, Vahn has become more mature and level headed, though he only shows this part of his personality when heís in dire situations or someone insults him, calling people like him and their beliefs foolish.


The Ancient City, Dracul'lahr

It has a population of less than 1,000 inhabitants, and has been prosperous in Magic since the ancient era. Such reputation was supported by the fact that the town used to house the Dragonkin, citizens of the city and Dragons, the guardians of the city. This was the case however, only until the Dark Dragon purged the great city which drove most or all of its inhabitants to extinction.

August 18th, Year 989 - Vahn was found by his foster father, Brandere, a powerful Fire Dragon in the outskirts of Draculílahr, when he was still a baby. Dracul'lahr is an ancient city located far beyond Westwood Stronghold. Brandere raised and taught Vahn how to talk, write, and use a form of Lost Magic known as Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.

July 8th, Year 1001 - When Vahn was just 12 years old, Brandere, along with the other dragons mysteriously disappeared leaving Vahn and other inhabitants of Draculílahr alone. No traces or clues were left behind, they just vanished into thin air.

July 9th, Year 1001 - The Great Purge. It was something Vahn could never forget or erase from his mind and heart. His country was invaded by a malicious Dark Dragon, accompanied by a brute force, whose name were unknown at that period of time. They were in small numbers but their strength was far beyond the countryís own, and thus got wiped out entirely. Dracul'lahr was no more.

July 11th, Year 1001 - Vahn was found unconscious in the forest near Westwood Stronghold, and was nursed back to health by the strongholdís inhabitants. When he came to, Vahn couldnít find the tiniest information of his home. The name Draculílahr has even vanished from every archive available in this world.

July 12th, Year 1001 - Vahn made a vow. With tears swelling up in his eyes, and pain wrecked up in his heart, he looked up to the sky...

Why did you leave me, Brandere? Why did you abandon Dracul'lahr? If only you were there. If only... Grrr...I will be better, and stronger. I will find those responsible and I will slay that dark menace with the very magic you've imbued in me, BRANDERE!...
That was the last time Vahn cried. Ever since then, that boy has trained, and trained and just trained. But how much stronger can one get? Only time could tell the events that follow.

August 18, Year 1011 - 10 years had passed, and Vahn has grown into a strong, mature young man. Having his Dragon Slayer Magic improved by the day, he was a force to be reckoned with. His battle skills could resonate throughout the entire city of Westwood, and was the finest warrior around. Looking back, thinking he was the only sole survivor of Draculílahr, Vahn then bid farewell to his foster home and began to venture through the kingdom of Aloria, in hopes of finding the cause that eradicated his home; the Dark Dragon and the force that accompanied the Dragon. As Vahn begins to venture for answers, there were now new questions that haunted his mind now and then, not to mention they were a topic of concern.

Was Vahn the only Dragon Slayer?

Considering the fact that the other Dragons too disappear along with Brandere, did they have their own foster childs? Or worse, have any of them been taught Dragon Slayer Magic?

Was Vahn the only survivor of Dracul'lahr?

If there were any survivors of Dracul'lahr, the chances of them being Dragon Slayers like Vahn were pretty high. Though Vahn was excited by the fact, he was also well aware that as some might become friends, while others could potentially become foes. He had to be prepared.

Despite the new challenges, fears and foes he could meet in the future, all Vahn could do now is venture into the world, and find his own answers. But first, he wanted to know all there is or any bits of information to Dragons or Dracul'lahr. And the name that came across his mind in an instant, was the famed Dragonstone Castle. Known throughout the world for its ferocious military force, and in particular concern to Vahn was the banner associated with the city, which had a midnight-black dragon embossed on a silver background. It might have been years since the destruction of Dracul'lahr, but the ruler of Dragonstone castle, or their former generation rulers had to have known something about Dragons, right? Either way, this was the only lead Vahn had in his hand, and all he's got at the moment.

"Here's our first step towards Dragonstone Castle!" Vahn told Goku, as they both left the territory of Westwood and ventured towards their first destination, Goldstone Castle...



Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 15


Reckless Offense
Skill Focus
Unholy Strike
Battle Cry
Power Attack


Fire Dragon Slayer Magic : Vahn is adept with his Dragon Slayer Magic and makes use of it in many different ways in combat. He can consume his respective element, with the exception of that which he has created, to replenish his energy reserves. The heat of his fire can increase in temperature, which is proportional to Vahn's emotional state. This is also called the Flame of Emotion. Vahn also incorporates the flames he ignites into his fighting style, greatly increasing the damage of his blows. As such, Vahn's Magic revolves around the usage of fire that can spout from any part of his body. His ability to eat flames gives him immunity to most types of flames and allows him to spew fire from his lungs. This fire is exceptionally strong - equivalent to a dragon's fire - being able to burn even through metal. Vahn can even use his flames to create a propulsive effect. The type of fire he uses can be changed. For example, it can be solidified to cling to surfaces.

Fire Dragon's Roar
Vahn breathes a long line of fire that becomes a large fireball, which burns his opponent.

Fire Dragon's Claw
Vahn ignites his feet with a very large flame to increase the power of his kicks. He can also use the strong ensuing flames to jet-propel him in any direction he wishes.

Fire Dragon's Iron Fist
Vahn engulfs his fist in large flames and punches his opponent which makes his opponent fly away.

Fire Dragon's Wing Attack
Vahn takes hold of his opponent and ignites his arms and hands on fire, in the form of dragon wings as support, to throw them far away while burning them.

Fire Dragon's Sword Horn
Vahn ignites his entire body on fire in order to ram into his opponent at full speed, then launch them high into the air with his large horn of fire.

Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow
After Vahn ignites the tip of his elbow, he uses that flame to strengthen his fist, and rocket the opponent high in the air.

Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang
With his hand ignited with a large flame, Vahn gouges his hand into his enemy and quickly swipes his enemy away from his sight.

Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame
Vahn creates fire on both hands, and brings them together, creating a giant explosion that destroys everything around him.


Lost Language - An ancient form of Language, that is able to liaise with any kind or race of this world. Only taught in Dracul'lahr.


Ryū No Ikāri (Dragon's Fury) x1

One of the 5 Supreme Grade Swords in the world, Vahn rightfully obtained its right by defeating the most able fighter in the Westwood Stronghold. Many claimed that Vahn is a great successor to the sword, as its elemental magic happens to be Fire. Vahn hardly uses it for any of his fights as he prefers to use his own Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. But if things get really serious, then he'd fuse his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic together with the sword, to bring out the its fullest potential.

Brandereís Scarf x 1

A keepsake of Brandereís, this scarf absorbs any kind of mediocre Fire magic or related spells from the opponent and makes the power Vahnís. Side effects include slight nausea after the battle.

Murky Cloak x 1

A gift Vahn received from the City of Westwood before his departure, this cloak grants its user invisibility for a small period of time. Vahn has no idea of how to put this to use, yet.

Magic Shoes x1

An artifact keepsake from Dracul-lahr. These shoes grant the user increased speed and agility. Though, Vahn uses these in particular to magnify the power of his kicks. Another catch of this artifact is that, the size always changes accordingly to its wearers' feet.

Dagger Pouch x 1

A small pouch holding money and necessary items for his adventure. Vahn rarely uses the dagger that came with the pouch.

Items inside:

Health Potion x 2
Mana Potion x 2
Stamina Potion x 1
Smoke Bomb x 3
Old Pickaxe x 1



Wings of Flame - Vahn has no particular armor since he spent most of his days growing up in Westwood City and being exposed to its environment only. Thus, his magic served as his armour during fights. Fire Dragon Slayer Magic engulfs his entire body like an aura, giving him distinctive protection amongst almost anything. However, things might change sooner or later.

Money: 2 gold coins



Son Goku

History: Son Goku or Goku is one of the prominent fighters from Westwood Stronghold. Though Goku and Vahn are like foster brothers, they always get into a fight with one another, a friendly rivalry you can call it. Goku was an orphan to begin with, and has no ideas whom his real parents were. He was brought up and raised by the City's King, thus he's known by all in the Westwood City. However, very little is known about his past, but the golden diadem on his head was a very vital clue. Once, during a fight with Vahn, his diadem broke and revealed his True Form. You see, Son Goku wasn't your ordinary teenage boy. He was an Highbreed. A cross between an elf and a dark demon. How he came into existence is an mystery itself, as his race was thought to be long extinct. His parent races were already a rare finding to begin with. However, this fact never bothered any of the people of Westwood as they knew Goku wouldn't mean any harm to them, as he was one of them for a long time to come or so they thought. Ever since his true form was unlocked, Goku's powers has been growing immensely, but slowly. His physical strength along with Magic was something to be messed with. However, he soon came to embrace his long lost powers, and has evolved into adapting them. Though things finally came to an end or a better start actually, when Vahn decided to go on his own quest for answers. Goku thought for a while, but then ultimately decided to tag along as he knew he wouldn't find any answers to his own past if he stayed.

Ability: Moxie II (For every hostile attack that lands on Sanzo, his strength and attack gets a boost by one stage)


1. Palm Magic - As mentioned before hand, Goku has utilized this form of power from his true form. His Magic and Physical Strength Prowess combined gave birth to this cross breed Magic. Goku's Palm Magic is a very simple and rather orthodox one, which focuses Magic Power on the palm of his hands. What makes his use of it fearsome is his' mastery of Fist Fighting martial art which allows him to make the most out of palm strikes, thus taking full advantage of the focused Magic Power. By employing his unarmed prowess alongside such Magic during very recent battles after unlocking his true form, Goku was shown capable of striking with great force mighty opponents with mere touches of his hands, even sending them flying away from him without effort.

2. True Form - In his true form, Son Goku's physical prowess and magics increase exponentially. However, this comes with a setback, whereby a time limit of 3 minutes is the maximum amount of time that he could control his sanity. After which, he can't differentiate between an enemy and a foe.

* Form Change Modes - Thanks to the revelation of his True Form, there is a possibility that Goku might have more form changes, but aren't easily accessible for now. One of the reason could be linked with his memory of his own past. As he unveils or learns more about his past or gets a significant information about his past, he might unlock a new form.


Nothing at the moment

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