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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [SU/DS]

Character: Persephone

Age: appears 16, actual age unknown

Gender: ♀

Species: human immortal

Class: druid

Appearance: Persephone is a short girl, standing at only 5'3" with a fair skin tone. She has shoulder length wavy violet hair and has very unique eyes, her irises being silver while the sclera is black instead of white. She has tan and purple facial tattoos as well as a golden yellow phoenix tattoo with a violet arch behind it. The only noticeable scar she has is a rough one that starts at the junction of her collarbones and goes all the way down to her navel. The materials her clothing and armor are made of are natural materials, her underclothes being made of silk and her armor of light but strong dragon bones, their colors being sandstone and slate gray. It is not uncommon to see her with either a walking stick or a staff because she almost always wears a white silk scarf with a golden yellow and purple design over her eyes to hide their coloring.

Personality: Persephone can be rather silent, but when she does speak it can speak volumes of the maturity she has. She is an intelligent woman with a caring soul, but even so she finds it hard to trust again do to the betrayal she endured when she was but 16. She does not care for things like material wealth or appearances, choosing rather to judge someone for who they are and their current actions. She also likes to take time with things to completely understand the task at hand and formulate a plan of action appropriate to that task.

History: Persephone does not remember anything from before she was 16 other than her name. The first thing she can remember is sever pain and agony, crying out for it to stop and trying to get away. Hooded figures holding her down and standing around, chanting in a language she could not understand. The only light were the candles some held and the starry night sky above. No matter how much she screamed the pain she was feeling from the binds as well as a white hot pain from just under her neck, going down her chest and ending in the middle of her stomach. She didn't dare look down to see what was going on, and even though it made it worse she struggled as hard as she could. The next thing in her memory is falling into a darkness, not caring about how cold it felt. She was just glad she no longer felt the pain.

When she awoke she found herself in a pool of blood. Her own blood. She tired to sit up, but she was still bound to the stone table. She had no idea where she was and no strength left to try to get free. She wasn't sure how long she laid there, but she was freed and tended to by two women mages. It was then that she learned that she was used as a sacrifice in a ritual, and the events left a nasty scar down the front of her body and caused the white part of her eyes to turn black. However something else happened than the miracle of her being alive. She also gained magical powers, probably from the spirits that saved her life. Throughout her recovery she learned how to use this new power of hers from the women that saved her. They even gifted her a silk scarf to cover her eyes. It was enchanted and would prevent her to see the things no one else can't and help block her visions, though not completely the latter. With it on she can still see as if she had it off, however when she does wear it she does act as if she were blind so people don't suspect what she is.

Over time, however, she became somewhat infamous for her wisdom. However after living for so long, not even remembering how old you are but knowing that centuries have passed, it would be inevitable. Her ability of having visions also became known so she had been sought out for it. Her power as a mage was not revealed until she was able to strike the final blow to a dragon and then form armor for herself out of its bones. She has no problem with how revealing her armor is, and could care less about the looks she gets for it. She bares her scars and tattoos she has received over the years proudly, even if over time she has become more withdrawn and less trusting. She now travels, hoping to find some hope that there still is good in the world and to make sure that no one has to go through what she had to endure. She will not deny that she also hopes to find answers why she survived the ritual when countless others did not, but it is not a priority.

Strength 10
Dexterity 13
Constitution 13
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 13
Charisma 13

dragon bone helm x1
dragon bone breastplate x1
dragon bone gauntlet x2
dragon bone fauld x1
dragon bone greave x2
white silk scarf x1
hardwood staff x1
small leather shoulder bag x1
small coin purse x1
old keystone x1

Currency: 1 gold, 24 copper


Nazar the Spiritomb ♂
Infiltrator ability
Shadow Sneak, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Psychic

Other: It is very taxing on Persephone to have visions, leaving her extremely drained of her stamina. Because of this she does not like to have visions unless she knows she'll be protected or in a place she can regain her energy without the fear of having to defend herself, but her visions are unpredictable and tend to have terrible timing. On how much stamina she loses depends on the vision. Some visions take more out of her than others.


Character: Surge

Age: 25

Gender: ♂

Species: Houndoom

Class: warrior/assassin


Personality: Surge is is not a talkative type of Pokémon, really only wanting to voice his opinion if something needs to be said. He doesn't find it productive to idly chat or sit by the wayside. He would be first to charge into battle, wanting to get the job done as swiftly as possible. However, if he is facing a strong adversary, he would want to prolong the battle just long enough to learn his opponent's weaknesses and exploit them. He doesn't like to make alliances too often, but if he sees the benefit in the alliance he will join another individual or a group. He does have a quick temper and will snap at others when provoked and becomes easily argumentative and annoyed.

-born in a pack of wild Houndour and Houndoom
-trained to be a warrior and a hunter
-secretly worshiped Suicune instead of Entei like the rest of the pack
-fought the Alpha, received scar over right eye during fight, left the pack afterwards
-settled down in a human settlement to heal
-learned how to speak Common language and script
-learned how to be an assassin from a Mightyena lycanthrope
-became a hired sword and now travels to find work

Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

leather belt x1
leather belt bag x2
small coin purse x1
iron rations x4 days
water-skin x1
red iron helm x1
red iron chest plate x1
red iron gauntlet x2

Currency: 3 silver, 5 copper

Companion: none

Ability: Flash Fire

Techniques: Howl, Crunch, Flamethrower, Thunder Fang

Signature Technique: Ice-Flamethrower - An offensive special type technique that is both fire and ice elemental. It has a small chance of either burning or freezing the opponent
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