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(OOC: You know, now that I think about it, Neo Emolga (Avenger Angel) made an idea for a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed RP for WAR X. Suddenly, a lot of this makes more sense.)

Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, Northwest of Broken Dagger Island, Southeast of Northmarch island and heading West For Cragan Island
Affected RPers: Everyone sans Team Charge (NES2 is affected indirectly, and the Global Mercs by nature of not being pursued by us this early on.)

<"Ernxy!"> Solomon used his irksome pet name for Ernx, penetrating his calm thoughts, <"I found a Minieran ship going the same way we are. But I also saw this weird other ship on the South that looks really weird. What do you want me to do with this thingy?">

Solomon was his second in command, and liked to scout the oceans. His help allowed for the intervention of a few reefs on the way, so he ignored the 'y' at the end of 'Ernxy' and, thinking as deadpan as possible (he seemed to like sarcastic responses), thought in reply, "That thingy can be a piece of driftwood for all you need to know. That Nomade Ship looked like it was heading for a port town, and if these Nomade have any sense at all it'll be fortified enough to shoot your limbs off again and again from dawn until dusk and still have plenty of ammunition left, and then smash your jewel in and wear the fragments. I'll not risk our Schooners over it." Ernx knew Solomon knew it was a Nomade ship (the Somnumites didn't seem to know or care of Kibou for the lack of any response from their kingdom), so no need to act foolish and charge in blindly into a potential ambush. The better idea was to do the ambushing.

Immediately afterwards, he could hear the voices of an argument. He turned to see Abraham Ash and his servant Jacob, arguing over why they could but did not have bought a large Warship instead of two schooners. In all honesty, he could see poor Abraham falling prey to Nomade ships if he took a first-class Front-of-the-Line to sea: it would have been a prime target for Privateering vessels the Nomade had probably hired. The S.S. Spirit and the S.S. Ship, by contrast, was not only a pair of Schooners that were despite their smaller size, very well-built for their model and purpose, and very fairly priced by Minieran standards, but also much more low-profile in comparison to such boats as Galleons, Ship-of-the-lines, Frigates, and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, Abraham had every right to be angry, considering he could have headed his own Privateering group instead of being delegated under the command of a Noble who lost everything.

Abraham was finished with his verbal beating of Jacob, and walked up to him. "How long until land?" He said, coughing a little.

"Unless if we're stricken with bad luck or find the chance to privateer a Nomade Vessel on the way, we'll be there in a couple of hours." Ernx responded. Then, feeling the need to ask-he was, at minimum, concerned about all the coughing-"Abraham, I have heard little of the reason you chose to go to Kibou at all. Perhaps you could enlighten me further. You are a noble, a wealthy and honorable Lurra in Miniera: Even I had taken heavy hits to my wealth and had to use this as a recovery and supplement to it. What brings you to journey at all?" Ernx added.


Sir Kuduz Valion
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, Northwest of Broken Daggar Island, Southeast of Northmarch island and heading West For Cragan Island
Affected RPers: Everyone sans Team Charge (NES2 is affected indirectly)


Kuduz stood silent. He watched the nooks and crannies of the ship, as well as every crewmember, to check and make sure Sir Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th was absolutely safe.


Kuduz, having been watchful for the Noble Lurra he had been ordered to protect, now turned to the other Lurra, a Dewott. He had administrative duties to attend to on this ship-sometimes he forgot he was in charge of a small legion of infantrymen (or ‘Pawns,’ though he did not like the term) at home as well. He figured he made a good leader-not as good as legendary Knights he had heard of, not even considering himself great by Minieran standards, but definitely a leader that wouldn’t unintentionally doom his troops.

"Yes? What would you wish to bring to Sir Zivinci’s attention?"

"It is not of extensive importance now, but I have just remembered a certain tale from a small outpost in Kibou...I think it relates to our...periphiery goal." The Lurra said. It slipped over Kuduz's head, but he misspelled 'Periphery.' Kuduz was ill-learned in such manners as spelling.

The Periphery goal was the capture and civilization of Kibou’s rumored lost cities of gold. Kuduz had dismissed the tales of such locations, assuming them nothing but the handiwork of drunks, believing that there were those , but as his current superior was Sir Zivinci (and technically that Solomon fellow) and he had asked to find it and take the treasures within as his faction's and his country's, he had to stand by the goal. He heard of the artifacts supposedly within, but only in passing, and the apparent nature of the natives seemingly preventing movement into particular locations at all and were apparently weakening their defenses else ware just to protect those points, which many believed to be the location of the Artifacts was an apparently great indicator of their powers, to say the least. He was completely dismissing the Zigilua artifacts nature (it was just too unbelievable), but the other six were seemingly fearsome and very potent: One, apparently, could heal any wound and was even rumored to, if it was very recent, bring anyone back to life, all on-contact. Another was rumored to change the appearance (and JUST the appearance) of whoever wore it-permanently, if they so desired. A third was capable of changing the wind patterns to suit the wielder's needs. He could see the reasons why they hunted them down (should they exist), and knew they weren't the most honorable of reasons for doing so, but ultimately if it was a choice between having Miniera or having Nomade own the artifacts, he'd be true to his nation, as a Knight should.

"And that would be?" Kuduz asked.

"It was from this Minieran outpost on Bat Wing island. Apparently, this Exploration Team was assigned to mark the land north, into the rainforests...There were four of them, and...experionced. Only one came back, and he was in this absolutely wretched shape, mad and...gibbering, going on about how they were approaching this...hallowed-out tree trunk, how they found this large, temple-like structure inside it, and how a 'creature made of vines and bones' had stopped them in their tracks, apparently killed three of them, and the survivor fled before it murdered him. He even swore it looked exactly like a stone statue, but then it came to life...It was late, and he was calming down after a few hours, but at nightfall a native raid attacked the outpost. They were easily fended off, but the only Lurra killed was the man that had just fled the northern forests...If it was a temple-like structure he entered and he wasn't forgetting facts out of...hystiria, or just plain lying, it could be one of the cities of gold...And it means that its treasure is being well-guarded." The crewman said, slipping up several other words that, again, flew over Kuduz's head.

It was enough of a tale that it would have been preposterous, especially considering that it would be so even if he heard it. It was the same place where they heard of the Zigilua Artifact's supposed nature not long afterwards, which was, again, unbelievable: An artifact that made female Lurra fall in love with a male Lurra wielding it, and vice-versa? However, considering the whole thing was the basis of rumor, he had to consider it. "Very well. When Ernx is finished speaking, I will tell him of it...Now, do you have a post to cover?"

"I'm on break, sir. All the posts are covered." The Lurra answered.

"Then that is all." Kuduz replied. The Dewott left, and Kuduz turned his attention back to Sir Zivinci, now engaged in conversation with the only other noble on the ship, Abraham Ash.
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