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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Did something happen?” Diana turned her head when hearing Ichiru's voice, seeing the Vampire at the doorway. Diana quickly wiped away the tears from her eyes and stood up, shoving the papers in the closet and walking out of the bedroom.

"Stefan has been keeping track of Damon's victims, but I'm sure you already knew that." Diana growled as Stefan heard Diana's words.

"No one else knew, Diana." Stefan said. "I kept it to myself."

"You've been tracking Damon?" Lexi asked in shock as most of the group walked towards the stairs.

"He's my brother. I had to make sure he was okay." Stefan responded as he looked at everyone.

"But you could had told us." Caroline said as she crossed her arms.

"If I told you guys I was tracking him then at least one of you would had gone after him! Especially you two!" Stefan looked over to Diana and Kotomi, who both looked away because they knew it was true. Ashley came walking out of her children's room when hearing the conversation.

"Stefan did the right thing by not telling us." Ashley said with a nod. "Because I would had gone after him since it's my fault that he's gone."

"No one blames you for what had happened." Kol said in a kind voice.

"If I never got bitten by Klaus then Damon would still be here right now." Ashley reminded him.

"Klaus is unpredictable so we never knew he was going to do that." Isobel said, bringing Ashley to sigh.

"The important thing is that Damon is okay, so let's just try and enjoy the day." Kotomi suggested. "Besides, it's almost Christmas." This seemed to calm most of the group down, even Diana. Another cough was heard from the children's room, bringing Diana to walk down the stairs.

"I know you don't want to give them Vampire blood or anything but I can make some herbal tea that will speed up the healing process a little bit. It's all natural herbs so it's nothing Supernatural." Diana said as she turned to Ashley, who smiled and nodded. About ten minutes had gone by which brought Diana to be finished with the tea, putting it into two mugs and handing them to Ashley.

"Thank you." Ashley said with a smile as Diana smiled back. Mason then walked in the house, bringing Ashley and Diana to lock eyes.

"What?" Diana whispered in confusion.

"Look, you like him and he likes you. Why don't you give Mason a chance? There's been a few times where I caught you guys kissing when you thought you guys were alone, so why not officially be with him?" Ashley whispered back.

"You're probably right..." Diana said as she nodded. "I need to move on, and being with Mason is really easy. I never get nervous around him or anything."

"Exactly." Ashley smiled, turning and walking upstairs. Diana looked over to Mason and gave him a smile, watching as he hung his coat and took off his boots.

"Hey." Diana said as she walked over to the Werewolf. He instantly smiled, the two sitting on the couch together. Mason quickly noticed that Diana was sitting a lot closer to him then normal with their friends around to see, to which he looked at her in confusion.

"Is... is everything okay? Do you need to tell me something?" Mason asked.

"Well... in a way." Diana smiled, leaning over and giving Mason a soft kiss on the lips. Mason was shocked at first, though he quickly recovered as he responded to the kiss. After a few moments the two leaned back, though not very far. "What do you say? Would you want to make everything official?" Diana asked.

"Us? Being together?" Mason asked, to which Diana nodded. Mason smiled as he gently placed his hand on Diana's cheek. "More than anything." Mason leaned forward this time and connected his lips with Diana's for a few moments, bringing Caroline to giggle.

"Get a room you two." Caroline laughed, bringing Diana and Mason to laugh as well as they looked over to Caroline.

"Gladly." Mason joked, getting an elbow in his ribcage from Diana as she laughed. Mason wrapped his arms around Diana as she rested her head on his chest, the two watching the flames dance around in the fireplace. Diana actually felt very good about this new relationship with Mason, the young Witch finally accepting that she probably wasn't going to see Damon again.

Back upstairs Ashley walked into her children's room with the mugs full of the warm liquid, the two toddlers sitting up as Ashley handed them each a mug. At first both twin girls thought it was hot chocolate but then saw the greenish brown liquid inside, bringing the two to frown.

"What is this?" Scarlet asked.

"It's tea that will make you feel a little bit better." Ashley responded, receiving a pout from both her children.

"But we don't like tea. It's icky." Abigail said, Ashley chuckling.

"Please just drink it." Ashley asked, watching as Abigail and Scarlet took a sip and made a face at it both at the same time, this making Ashley laugh. "Do you want me to put a little bit of sugar in it?" Both girls nodded, Ashley leaving the room and walking downstairs. When she made her way into the kitchen to get a box of sugar and a spoon she saw Diana and Mason on the couch together, Ashley smiling as she got what she needed and headed back upstairs. She put a little bit of sugar in each mug and stirred it, watching as her children still made a face when they drank the tea.

"I hate tea..." Abigail muttered as Ashley chuckled, though her children still drank it to get it over with. Once they emptied the cup they handed them back to Ashley, then laying back down in bed.

"Mommy... we heard everyone talking about uncle Damon before. Is he okay?" Scarlet asked. Ashley looked away for a few moments, then gave a nod.

"He's fine." Ashley said with a smile as she looked back to her children, then to the charm bracelets each twin wore.

"When can we see him again?" Scarlet asked.

"Soon." Ashley responded with a small nod.

"But you always say that..." Abigail pointed out. Ashley looked away again when not knowing how to respond, wishing that Damon could really come home soon.
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