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Default Re: Weird Pokedex entries

About Marowak and Lickitung:

In pokemon Red and Blue in Lavender town there first was a cementry: the Pokemon Tower.
In that tower are alot of cubones and marowaks.
They rob a grave because the grave they dig is from their mother that past away.

There is a theory that the little Cubone lost his mother cuz she died, so he is a orphin.

But who is the mother of cubone: Kangaskan
There first was a pokemon as the preevolution of cubone, and Kangaskan.
But the game-makers thought it was to cruel of having a pokemon that evolves by having a dead mother in a kids game.

So they deleted that pokemon, causing the game to have a extra pokemon file called Missingno.

Interesting huh?

Now about Lickitung: Cats lick themselfs to, so it isn't gross.

That is all I wanna say.

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