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Default Re: Tears of the Prophesy

Yeah, the Umbreon-Stoutland thing was weird. It just... confused me, since the way you described the fire spots sounded more like an Umbreon's glowing rings, and Typhlosion and Stoutland have similar body types and colors. Guess I haven't read enough Pokémon fic lately, haha.

Just checking on the talking-to-Pokémon rule. It's not a problem by any definition -- I used it for several characters myself -- and as long as there's some in-universe nod to why it's there, then I'm fine with it. Also, I did get the idea that she had never left her small town; it was pretty much the justification I thought of for why she had never seen anyone else have her power.

This is what the font looked like on my computer, and reading two posts' worth was not an easy feat. I remember thinking several times that if the author had just moved the font up a size it would have been fine, but then, it would probably look very awkward otherwise.

I'm definitely look forward to the next chapter. o/

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