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Cool Re: Too Old for Pokemon? :/

Originally Posted by thornzion View Post
the only way you can "get too old" is if you tell yourself that and force yourself to believe
my BROTHER says that im too extreme w/pokemon
i dont let him bother me
Originally Posted by Frost Dragon View Post
Excuse me? Too... Too old... Huh? What does this term mean?

Anyway, in all seriousness, I cant help but laugh inside any time I hear one of the kids at school go "Dude, are you seriously talking about Pokemon? That's so childish. Grow up and play some real games, like Call of Duty." I may sound like some kind of nagging mom or something, but I do think that Call of Duty really does effect kids. All of the bully's in my grade all play first person shooters, and I just can't take it as a coincidence. I'll stick to my Nintendo, thank you very much.

Hip hip, hurrray!! ^^

Yup, ain't gonna let anyone bother me, ever!
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