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Juan Rivera
Miniera (PE2K)
East of Northmarch Island
Affected RPers: narphoenix

All the preparations for landing were now underway. Once Juan had let out the shout, he had issued a command.

"Prepare to drop anchor. Arm yourself with what you can, and half of you pack what you own and any food or supplies you may need. The remainder of you will stay with the ship until we return", Juan ordered, and the crew of the S.S. Hurricane scurried about the deck of caravel readying themselves for what would come next.

Juan determined that he was landing at Northmarch Island, a relatively insignificant island that lay, naturally, at the northernmost end of Kibou. He hadn't originally planned to land here, but he had decided to set up a base here, and afterwards, sail south. He planned from there to set sail to Prophet Island and search for the mystical city of Zerua. Supposedly there was an artifact there that led to whatever you desired, a compass whose needle pointed to whatever you wanted. A navigational aid like that would be the key to discovering the other fabled cities, the treasure of which he would plunder and take aboard his ship. Juan could see himself already, triumphantly returning, the Nomade driven from Kibou and his ship filled with gold.

But Juan's expedition had only begun, and he had not even stepped upon land yet, let alone seen what these Seven Cities of Gold had in store for him. So he forced himself to think of other things, of preparations, of his route, and of the work ahead of him. The Nomade, he knew, would be entrenched in this land within weeks, even days. He would have to work quickly to gain control of Kibou, or he would quickly find himself at a disadvantage. The Nomade were more suited to survival in this untamed wilderness, making Minieran victory an uphill battle.

As the caravel came closer to Northmarch Island, the crew finalized its preparations and watch quietly as the shore became more visible.

Then, a voice. Juan alone heard it, but it was louder than the firing of a cannon.

"HI! I'm Solomon. I'm the Starmie down here! How are you?! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!", came the shrill noise, and Juan clutched his head realizing what the sound was. Telepathy.

"Hey, can you tone it down? My head may very well explode if you go on like that", Juan replied mentally as he began looking for the purple visitor. He found him swimming next to the port side of the ship, making little spirals in the water as he did so. Juan began now to question the visitor as per procedure.

"Are you friend or foe of the Minieran people?", Juan started, out loud this time, but realizing that no enemy of Miniera would approach the ship in this manner he retracted the question.

"Scratch that. What ship are you sailing with, and what do you wish to communicate?", Juan asked next.

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