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Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, North of Broken Dagger Island and heading West For Cragan Island
Affected RPers: All of the PE2Kers

Solomon was on exactly no ship at the current moment.

No, despite the fact that the S.S. Spirit was a very appropriate name for a ship of drunks in Solomon's opinion, and just as he loved the name S.S. Ship like a firstborn child, he was not useful on ships right now. Instead, he had the pleasure of swimming in the sea, his first home.

Solomon liked to think while swimming (despite his appearance as a fool), and this occasion was no exception. He was thinking, at this point in time, about a certain Ernx the Elektross, the noble responsible for hiring the Star. Ernx was obviously not an idiot, despite his drinking habit and his lecherous tendencies (Solomon always wondered why people sought others of the opposite gender: he HEARD it was important, but it didn't mean that they had to go stupid every opportunity it could be on the table), as Minieran politics high up strongly selected against stupidity among its participants. Sure, there may be a certain camaraderie among the nobles, but you were the only one at fault if you weren't cautious enough and got into your back. But was Ernx aware of Solomon's talents? Solomon hadn't thought so until the drunken lamprey came into the king's quarters, requesting Solomon specifically. Solomon thought it was just a drunken rambling, even though he decided to join (drunks make very good prank victims), until Ernx made him second in command, above a very competent knight known as Kuduz. Solomon had first thought he misheard Ernx, or else that Ernx was still very drunk, except Ernx was acting much more differently than his previous normal (Ernx was generally always drunk) and was much sharper than normal (again, his normal drunkenness), meaning his head was probably clear when he was making the decision. It would have been stupid to hire the fool if Ernx was fooled by Solomon's act. Solomon had decided to operate under the assumption that he knew, but he needed some way to verify, and more importantly, keep his secret under wraps by understanding how Ernx found out and ensuring the lamprey wouldn't talk, even if the sea star was forced to make sure the Elektross could never talk again.

Anyway, Solomon noticed two ships: one with a design he recognized as Minieran, the other with a design that he remembered heralded hostiles in the Minieran-Nomade conflict. Solomon decided that he didn't need to start a fight and steered clear of the Nomade ship (not that it was overly hard, considering the fact it was so far off to the side, only his psychic powers showed its existence). However, Solomon decided that the Minieran ship deserved a bit of contact. Solomon decided to contact Ernx and tell him of these juicy tidbits and pretend he was taking orders from Ernx before doing his thing.

<Ernxy!> Solomon used his irksome pet name for Ernx, <I found a Minieran ship going the same way we are. But I also saw this weird other ship on the South that looks really weird. What do you want me to do with this thingy?> as Solomon telepathed an image of the Nomade ship in front of him.

After he did this, Solomon approarched the Minieran ship and saw the captain, a Charmeleon. He decided that the best cover would be the cover he normally adopted, chose to act the fool. Solomon used a minor Psyshock to slap the Charmeleon in the face to get his attention, before shooting up a thin spout of water. Once Solomon was sure he had the lizard's attention, he spoke the single most complicated, powerful, strong, attention-grabbing words he could think of:

<HI! I'm Solomon. I'm the Starmie down here! How are you?! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!> Solomon started swimming in small circles while keeping up with the ship.
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