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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

RP Title: Dead in the Water
RP Fandom Basis: Pokemon.
Opening Plot and Exposition: Over a period of 25 years, an architect by the name of Rebekka Auttenberg worked on a project. Named Acquacitta, it was the world’s first true floating city. Running on a combination of wind and solar energy, the city, while small, was completely eco-friendly. Built overtop Route 128; the city became the gateway to Ever Grande City and the Hoenn League. While there were many unfortunate accidents during construction, including one instance late in construction where it looked as if the project would be shut down, the city was completed. She houses approximately 15,000 residents, a similar population size to Petalburg City. They live, and work, on the city.

The project was saved, late in development, by the actions of Hoenn TV’s founder, a man named Archie. Archie dedicated a large portion of his personal fortune to the project, and ran a publicity campaign giving it the good word it needed. Hoenn TV moved its main branch to the city from Lilycove City, and Archie’s likeness was forever enshrined in City Hall. For a few years, all seemed well.

A few months ago the S.S. Tidal, a ship that ran between Lilycove, Acquacitta, and Slateport, disappeared without a trace. Archie expected something of the sort, of course. Behind the man’s seemingly good intentions was bait for a trap. Unknown to the public, Archie was the head of Team Aqua, an Eco-Terrorist organization bent on increasing the amount of water on the world. With his name behind Acquacitta, a literal city on the waves, it looked like a personal triumph for Archie, and an open mocking of his enemies, Team Magma, lead by Maxie.

Moreover, their headquarters in the city commonly broadcasted Anti-Magma propaganda, and had long since turned the public against the organization. Archie’s plan was to prick at Maxie’s ego until the man could take it no more, and launched an attack on the city. The city would be sunk, and Archie planned to have footage of Team Magma causing it. This would go beyond the petty crimes that the group was currently wanted for. This would make them international criminals, and, depending on how many men Maxie committed, would strike a huge blow to the group at the same time.

Little did Archie know, the group that eventually went for his bait wasn’t Magma at all. Instead, it was a new group. Calling themselves Team Zephyr, they fell back on the legend of Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, and called themselves the balance between Aqua and Magma. They had stolen the S.S. Tidal, and, using the work of a rogue Team Dim Sun scientist, outfitted it with a giant Gigaremo Unit, capable of causing all wild Pokemon in the general vicinity to go berserk. More of these units had been covertly placed within the city itself. Their plan: Activate the units and destroy the trap, tearing away any edge Aqua had over their competition. The city and her occupants were doomed to a watery grave.


This would be the first in a series of RPs where the eventual goal would be the destruction of Zephyr. Despite namedropping canon characters, I don’t plan for any to appear in this. It would likely be a very dark series of RPs, with a lot of destruction and mayhem in this one alone. The plan of the RP would be escape, as in a Survivor Horror. This isn’t very easy with a number of berserk wild Pokemon, and the occasional Zephyr grunt, gunning for you. There would be time in the beginning to establish characters, before the **** hits the fan.

Along with escape, other ideas for “finishing” the RP would be to find and destroy the Gigaremo Units, including the one on the S.S. Tidal. Two Zephyr Commanders are also taking a part in this attack, though the Leader and third Commander won’t be physically present. In addition to Gigaremo Units, both of the present commanders have a Shadow Pokemon or two, purchased from Team Snagem. “Saving” and purifying said Pokemon is an optional goal, though at least one of the commanders will die during this RP, and his Shadow Pokemon will sink with the city if not recovered. The other may die as well, but he is located on the S.S. Tidal, making him harder to get to.
Inspiration: Resident Evil: Revelations.
Where you need help: I guess the biggest fear is it not being something people are interested in. So anything I can change to get more interest, while keeping the core idea of the RP the same, is something I’d like to know. Otherwise, any ideas you guys might have to make the RP less stupid.
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