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Default Re: [FW] Dawn of Discovery (RP)

Nniuq Shamroucq
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, North of Broken Dagger Island and heading West For Cragan Island
Affected RPers: All of the Skythunder Blades

A lazy day at sea. Just what Nniuq liked. No troubles, no hazards, no nothing. Except for the S.S. Spirit, the second ship. How the names were decided? Nniuq can barely remember. Though, he does remember the rest of the crew asking what the names of the ships should be. Yet they were all drunk. The S.S. Ship was first, followed by "Spirit." When he set sail after getting everything he needed, he set sail on the S.S. Ship, heading for Cragan Island. He was polishing his pistols when he had just thought of something.

It can't be this quiet...can it?

Being a distance from the S.S. Spirit was getting to him. Not the fact that it was so close, but the fact that it seemed like no other ships were in sight. The crew on the ship Nniuq was on consisted of those resistant to Water-types. Like he would care. Nniuq preferred being alone somewhere than being with others.

Nniuq decided to see how far away from land they were. There was no land in sight. No other ships other than the S.S. Spirit, no threats, no annoying things, none of anything Nniuq didn't want.

"When are we getting to land?" Nniuq thought out-loud. He took another look through the telescope, and saw that two of the privateers on the other ship were talking. "Heh heh, this is fun." Boredom overcomes Nniuq's thoughts as he keeps sailing. Oh, how he wishes to get to their destination, find whatever they're looking for, and just go. Nothing more, nothing less.

He looked at the map and felt the wind. Wait...why was he feeling the wind? He couldn't tell which direction it was going. So, he just looked at the map. At least an hour or two left. Knowing that there was that much time left, he went back into the shade he was in originally and took a little nap standing up.

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