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Default Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Legion Of Dredd

(Banner Coming Soon!)

The year is 2999 crime was all but wiped out. At the edge of the world the largest most secure prison was constructed. It housed the most dangerous villains the world had ever seen. In year 3000 a new threat arose which wiped out 90 percent of the worlds army. In act of desperation the world turned to one man. He was tasked with putting together a squad of the most dangerous villains and helping to the tide of war. The criminals were implanted with chips to help control them. With only a handful of Judges this new legion set off on its journey to take back the planet.

Our Rules
1) Please Obey all of Pe2k's rules as definded by this
2) Please no spaming. Stick to conversations and refrain from saying anything irrelevant or unwanted.
3) Please respect all persons in and outside of this thread. Flamming will not be tolerated.
4) You are not allowed to be in two clans at the same time (Par unofficial members)
5) Be good sportsman and avoid flaming and disconnecting.

Joining Information

-Preferred Name:
-Reason For Joining:
-Greatest Pokemon Related Achievement:
-Time Zone GMT Format:
-Available Platforms (ex: Wifi/Showdown/PO):
-Any Other Noteworthy Details about yourself:

Clan Updates
-8/22 Clan Opens

Thanks to LS for the suggestion.

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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