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Vidar Omni Necro
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Starwisher Sea --> Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Flynt, Dragonwish2, Rufa

As soon as a small gust of wind blew through his ears, Vidar looked up and around his current surroundings, trying to relocate himself where he was standing right now. He remembered he was in the fluyt Rising Suns, commanded by the young Buizel known as Richard, following at his brother's footsteps, the previous captain Marco. At the crow's nest there was a Crobat, Annelise, cheerful as always. And Mercy, a Lucario who seemed to gave a look at the Crobat, only to return to the wheel as usual. There were also other sailors who did the job as they needed it, and were prepared for anything.

And what was Vidar supposed to do now? He heard the Crobat shouting about incoming land, and since there wasn't a station he could take over, so it was best of if he went to look at it. The atmosphere around the vessel seemed to be fine, but with the land now in sight, he might as well grab on to something. Or better yet, just enjoy the view that the approaching island gives off.

It was a beautiful sight, but as he remembered from his abandonment to the hunter's death, he ignored the scenery that that seen in the horizon, before closing his eyes for a few moments to remember all that he was through... All that he was put for, and for what? He figured that that now wasn't the time to go through emotions, and concentrate one of his purposes.

Vidar had many purposes through life, besides getting as much as he could be like the hunter that raised him. He wanted to find out who were his parents, where was his tribe, why was he abandoned and why did they leave him all alone... In that very moment, he thought of the bad things he had to go through, holding back what he thought and what he wanted to say inside him.

Now with his eyes open wide, he saw the island getting closer and closer by the minute. Could this be his home? Or is it just a fraud? He knew those answers will be answered when they reach shore. But for now, Vidar simply waited to reach the shore, without any worries holding him back from saying anything, keeping interaction with anyone in the crew to minimum as always.
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