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Default Re: Short Story of the Bi-Week #1 (THEME: APOLOGIES)

Driving along 31st street one would find a block composed of little family owned stores. Nestled in the mix is a Maria's Flower Shop. Beautiful flowers press against the frosty stained windows. The shop has been there for many years and the old windows giveaway just how old the place is. Joe paces outside the store nervously, he is not sure what to do. He knows that flowers make women smile but he only has tv shows to go off of. As he grabs the cold steel handle of the door, he feels nervous. He thinks to himself, "what if she doesn't like these, what if she hates flowers, what if this isn't enough." The ideas cloud his mind. He carefully looks through the flowers trying to find something bright that says im sorry but I care. Can flowers do that he thinks to himself. When he finally has the flowers picked out, he grabs a little note card. He uses the tiny scrap of paper to pour his heart out. He tells her she is all that matters, he tells her he will be better, he tells he hopes that she can forgive him. The inks gets blurry as he presses the pen down harder. He carefully folds the note and puts it in his pocket. He jumps in his car and drives over to her house. He is scared he is going to look stupid as he walks up to her door with the flowers in his head. He rings the door bell and she comes out. A breath smirk from her and he knows that she has already forgiven him and they sit together on her porch. Nothing else matters. The End

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