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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve
In District Twelve/ On Tribute Train

"Mommy, wake up." Ashley heard Aria's voice in her ear along with feeling the toddler shaking the brunette's arm, bringing Ashley to slowly open her eyes and give out a small groan. Today was the day when they would be taking a train to the Capitol, along with watching the other Reapings from the other Districts on the television.

"You have an hour to get ready." Peeta's voice came from the other side of the room. Ashley sat up on the bed, looking at her father as Aria climbed up on the bed to sit next to her mother.

"Where's mom?" Ashley asked.

"Her and Kenny are waking up Jeremy." Peeta responded. Ashley nodded, giving her ginger haired daughter a smile.

"How did you sleep?" Ashley asked.

"Not that great." Aria responded.

"Neither did I." Ashley admitted with a sigh.

"Even though the train goes a little over 200 miles per hour we still won't make it to the Capitol until nightfall, so you can take naps on the train." Peeta said to his daughter with a small smile, Ashley nodding as she smiled back.

The hour had passed as Ashley and Jeremy boarded the Tribute Train which would take them straight to the Capitol, the two siblings having showered and ate a little bit. Katniss, Peeta, Kenny and Aria were already waiting in the train as Sonya Karp led Ashley and Jeremy to the train, each train being as luxury as the rooms the tributes stayed in that night. All different kinds of endless foods were provided, as well as endless drinks and large soft seats to sit on.

"I was honestly hoping that we would wake up in our beds and that yesterday was just a terrible nightmare." Jeremy said as he sat on one of the couches by the window, the train taking off.

"I was hoping the same thing." Ashley sighed, Aria running over and sitting on Ashley's lap.

"Before we watch the other Reapings we need to talk about tomorrow." Katniss said. "Tomorrow morning you and Jeremy will be in the same training room as the other tributes. It is absolutely important that you don't show them your strong points."

"So Ashley, you stay away from archery and knife throwing." Peeta said, then looking over to Jeremy. "And Jeremy, you stay away from weight lifting, the spears and the swords."

"On the last day before the Games begin you will each be evaluated privately by the Gamemakers and some Sponsors. It is very important that you show them your skills." Katniss added.

"There will be a bow there as well as throwing knives, so Ashley, make sure you use them. There will also be weights, spears and swords for Jeremy. You will be scored from numbers 1-13, since District Thirteen is in the Games now. The higher you score, the better chance you have at getting really good Sponsors." Peeta said.

"So then Jeremy and I would go to stations such as fire-making and such during training with the other tributes?" Ashley asked.

"Exactly." Katniss said. "Make sure at least one of you is very good at each station, like you could be a pro at making fires while Jeremy isn't, but Jeremy could be a pro at making traps and snares while you're not that good at them. You two need to remain as a team, and as long as you two stick together then you'll save each other."

"Like how you and dad saved each other." Jeremy said with a small smile, bringing the rest of the group to smile as well.

"Yes, we did safe each other." Peeta said, giving Katniss a light kiss.

"What about Alliances?" Ashley asked.

"Your mother and I are still debating if whether or not that's a good idea." Peeta said.

"The two of you are going to be making a lot of enemies just because of your last name." Katniss explained as Ashley and Jeremy nodded, the two twins understanding why.

"Once we actually see the other tributes ourselves during the training sessions then we'll decide. We need to watch how they act around the two of you and see if any of them could be trust-worthy of an Alliance." Peeta said.

"So then we'll worry about that option later then." Jeremy said with a nod.

"Should we watch the Reapings?" Kenny asked as Katniss nodded, Sonja turning on the television that was bolted to a wall. The group watched Reaping after Reaping, but when District Four came up for the girls Katniss gasped, her jaw falling as her eyes widened.

"What's wrong?" Aria asked in alarm.

"That's... that's Gale's daughter." Katniss responded, Peeta placing a hand over hers.

"Wait a minute." Ashley said, looking over to Sonya who had a touch screen remote. "Go back to the male tribute for District Three." Sonya nodded, rewinding the footage and paused it at the male's face. "Okay now go to the male tribute for District Four." The tape then fast forward, pausing at the male tribute.

"They're twins as well." Jeremy said in shock, the main shock being because the two males were in different Districts.

"And Gale's daughter Caroline is partners with the one twin." Peeta said as he was lost in thought.

"Didn't you used to tell Jeremy and I would sometimes play with Gale's daughter when we were all only babies?" Ashley asked in confusion, Katniss nodding.

"Looks like we'll be seeing each other for a reunion while we try to kill each other..." Jeremy muttered in disgust, hating the Hunger Games so much. The group watched the rest of the Reapings in silence, a little bit surprised that so many tributes were volunteers.

"I just... I just wish that the Hunger Games didn't exist." Ashley said. "I wish that they would just disappear forever."

"And how would they just disappear?" Jeremy asked.

"If we start a rebellion and actually end the Games once and for all." Ashley responded, Peeta and Katniss looking at each other in deep thought. "I can't stand the fact that Aria might have to go into the Games when she gets older if she ever got picked. That's the main reason why I want the Games to end, so she won't go through them..." Ashley and Jeremy looked down as Ashley held Aria close to her. None of the children saw, but Katniss gave Peeta a nod, bringing Peeta to as well as they both looked at Sonya, who also gave a nod.

"You guys should get some sleep. All four of you look exhausted." Peeta said as he looked back to his three children and granddaughter.

"Yes, sleep is what you guys need right now. On the other side of the train there's a few train-cars with large beds." Katniss added.

"Can I sleep in the same bed as you, mommy?" Aria asked as Ashley smiled.

"Of course you can." Ashley said, standing up with Aria in her arms as the group disappeared to find the beds.

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four
In District Four/ On Tribute Train

Caroline was already awake, showered and dressed when a young man with dark brown hair knocked on the door and then opened it a few moments later, this being Caroline's and Kiseki's mentor. He looked to be in his early twenties, having won the 108th Hunger Games when he was seventeen.

"Hello Caroline." The man said, bringing Caroline's face to brighten as she quickly crossed the room and wrapped her arms around the young man.

"Stefan? What are you doing here?" Caroline asked, the situation not clicking to her just yet.

"Remember I won the Games a few years ago? I'm your mentor." Stefan said with a smile, bringing Caroline to smile as well. Caroline and Stefan were very good friends ever since Caroline was just a little girl, the curly haired blonde being happy that something good happened out of this.

"I'm really happy." Caroline sighed in relief, the two finally letting each other go.

"I'm going to go wake up Kiseki. The train leaves in a little while so make sure to be ready." Stefan said. Caroline nodded, watching as Stefan disappeared to wake up Kiseki. The minutes had passed as Samuel Morse was leading Caroline to the train, her eyes widening in awe when seeing all the food on the train once again. She saw Stefan sitting at one of the tables with a few papers in his hands, bringing her to walk over and take a seat next to him.

"What are those for?" Caroline asked.

"It's nothing important." Stefan smiled, turning on the television as the train began to move. "The first thing I want to show you guys are the Reapings so we can see what you're up against." Stefan turned on the Reapings, though when he got to the boy tribute from District Three he turned a bit pale from shock, the same as Caroline as they watched the footage.

"Is... is that your twin?" Caroline looked to Kiseki in shock, Stefan remaining silent for a moment.

"The best thing to do right now is go through all of the Reapings and talk about it afterwards." Stefan spoke softly as he offered Kiseki a warm smile, going through each Reaping again.

"A lot of volunteers this year..." Caroline commented at the end of District Eleven's Reaping. It was time to watch District Twelve, Caroline being shocked once again when she heard the last names of the two tributes. "Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark? As in Katniss Mellark and Peeta Mellark?"

"Don't get intimidated by their last name. I know that their parents are winning tributes, but you're going to beat them." Stefan said.

"It's not that... my dad Gale knows their parents. When we were babies Ashley, Jeremy and I used to play sometimes whenever Katniss and Peeta would come to visit..." Caroline looked down, though she forced herself to watch the last Reaping. Once it was over she stood up, looking over to Stefan. "Could I have a little bit of time alone?" Caroline asked. Stefan nodded, watching as Caroline disappeared into another section of the train.

In District Thirteen Matt boarded the Tribute Train along with the female tribute, the two watching the Reapings. A jealousy began to boil in Matt towards the District Twelve tributes, all because of their last name...
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