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Wink Re: Too Old for Pokemon? :/

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post

one does not simply get too old for pokemon
Originally Posted by Winter View Post
Better games than some of the crap people are addicted to nowdays. It's got more plot and stategy than Farmville, and it's something a whole family can play and get into, as opposed to all the shooters and crap people play these days. Parents can share Pokemon with their kids and turn it into a fun experience for everyone, and while my parents don't play Pokemon, I certainly enjoy playing Pokemon with my brother and sisters. It's nice that we can all play something together and help each other out by sharing pokemon and finding out cool things about the game. It's certainly better (at least I feel) than playing something like Halo or Call of Duty or whatever and trying to kill each other. Honestly, I shake my head every time my ten year-old brother says something like "I love Halo! Killing stuff is awesome!" Let the kids grow up to love cute but powerful animals with freakish powers and share it with their kids rather than guns and killing people.
Originally Posted by CM View Post
I agree with Winter completely. Pokemon is my personal addiction (along with most RPG games), which is a lot better than drugs, alcohol, or some of the ridiculous Facebook games people play and waist money on (I know, I used to be like that until I realized just how much money they really take). I have made the decision that if I should ever raise kids I will raise them on Pokemon. I feel it is a great learning tool as I got older. I didn't realize it at the time, of course. It was just so much fun to play. And I have great friends because of the franchise. I will admit that the anime isn't as great as it used to be, but the games keep getting better and better with story and graphics. It has also, for me, been a great inspiration for my art and writing.

I'm in the same boat as you, Elite Dialga. My father wants me to "grow up" and forget about Pokemon and cartoons. But I simply can't. Some of my friends may have grown out of it, but I still have everyone on here and two RL friends who all love it. And we're all supposedly "too old" for Pokemon. There is no age limit on it. My grandmother supported me in it when my father started to say I was getting to old, and I'm sure that given the chance she'd still watch the show with me (we live in different states now). And I see no harm in it like some of the games I'm seeing parents let their young children play, like Halo and Call of Duty. And I'm seeing how it is affecting the child. It a lot different than when I was their age (making myself feel old again). When I was in elementary school we were trading the cards in between classes. It changed as I changed schools and went up in grades. Luckily in high school I found some people I became friends with that still liked the games and we could play together, trading and battling. Now it seems like first-person shooters and zombie games are taking over, which is a sad thing.

I really didn't mean to go off like that, but when I started typing I couldn't stop. As I said, I don't think there is an age limit to Pokemon and I see many benefits coming from it. I will never give it up since it's been a major part of my creative life, and I don't plan on losing that. If something makes you happy and isn't bad for you, why give it up?
Originally Posted by brandon_g View Post
I think the people who think there is a age limit are just thinking "Some dumb animals with spiecal powers that fight each is so childish" without even playing pokemon and seeing how addictive it really is. I probably was addicted to pokemon for 10 hours when I first picked it up. Pokemon is my call of duty. And honsetly its less killing. Pokemon never uses the word "die" it just says "your pokemon FAINTED" much better for a kid. Pokemon is funfor ALL ages period.

Ok you guys, have officially made my day, Thanks a lot guys!

@goldwynaut That picture had a lot to do with making my day! Thanks! DX

@Winter/CM Guys, thanks a lot for sharing those experiences, I suddenly feel not lonely at all, I have been through so much I can narrate in these past 10 years, and I can confidently and proudly say that MY childhood was simply majestic and it was all due to Pokemon, sitting on my bed waiting for my cousins to arrive from afar, they arrive and my cousin hands me over his Gameboy pocket along with a Pokemon Blue version in it, I start playing and see Charmander as my very first Pokemon, and *poof* it shuts off after a while....what could've happened I only played for like 20mins? *4 Hours had passed, & the batteries died* ... uff those days, I was 12 then. Oh! and talkign about farmville, this is something I have observed quite a bit, people get addicted to games as simple as farmville, it is simply because of the fact that its an RPG and its that "keep growing & get better" factor that makes it so addicting for people, and the ironically when I compare it to the Pokemon RPGs, it is laughable, Pokemon games have a lot of mechanics (I even designed my own calculator in C# as some of you might know) & it is certainly NOT how they expect it to be, at least a sensible person would think about why so many people of age 20+ play it. About parents, well I guess I'm lucky in this area, my Parents actually don't mind Pokemon at all, I even got my dad to watch an episode with me once XD

That settles it, I'm gonna keep training and going ahead, some lame people who don't have a clue about what Pokemon are all about can do w/e they like. Pokemon were/are/will be the best thing that happened to me for ever, I can literally make me cry.

Thanks a lot guys! :}
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