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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Holy Cow
Anyway, all of these receive my approval.
-All of Asharas' stats drop by -3, exclusing accuracy, including evasion, for one round. Switching does not remove these effects, one round's time in battle does.
If you write at what point that this occurs, it will receive my approval. Does it occur when the attack is made, or after it wears off? Just need that clarification.

As Justin said, you have a Spore like attack with higher priority. You still have the same energy mod as Spore.
I think you either need to drop the accuracy or raise the energy mod more.

(Also, on a second note. The way that you have filled out the form is somewhat unprofessional (with the sarcasm and language). I suggest for you next sig move that you please try to have a more professional looking one. Not to pick on you, but just my opinion on that part)