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Mercy Burnstone
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Starwisher Sea --> Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Rafu, Dan Magnus, Flynt

The salty sea gust blew into the face of a calm Lucario, who breathed it in deeply. Her ears pricked at the sound of the waves splashing agains the prow of the ship, the whistle of wind as it struck the canvas sail, and the ring of metal on metal as someone sharpened their blades. With a small smile, Mercy Burnstone closed her eyes, letting her instict overcome her and fill the void where her sight had been seconds ago. Ther crew appeared in her vision, slowly at first, mere wisps. Their strength and solidity grew as she concentrated, until she could make out three figures.

The first was the captaining Buizel, Richard, which didn't surprise the Lucario; he was tense and nervous at heart, and was almost exotic to watch, with reds and blues swirling in his form. She had a decent guess at what troubled him. Ever since his brother had disappeared, the crew had been uneasy. They weren't happy to find themselves on a temporary temperance, and they were unsure as to whom they supported. Mercy felt a certain superiority over her crewmembers, having known her loyalties from the start. Marco had shown great skill when she first joined the crew, and Mercy saw the same in Richard, if to a lesser extent. She still called the Buizel 'Captain', a bold move to make among the shifting crew.

Mercy turned her gaze to the large sleeping form at the prow, a lazy Superior who glowed golden with a soft happiness. She recognized it as Sel, and made a mental note to scold the Superior later, if the captain didn't. Mercy ignored the snake, moving on to the third crew member.

She recognized the upside-down form immediately and stifled a groan. The Crobat, Annelise, hummed with excitement and curiosity, like a child on a ride. Mercy held a strong dislike for her. The bat lacked any valuable strength, in her eyes, and she seemed to daydream about stories too much for Mercy's liking. She kept her feelings to herself, though, as open hatred was the last thing the Rising Sun needed, with mutiny in the air.

The Crobat screeched suddenly about land. Mercy covered her ear with a paw, startled to have her aura reading interrupted so suddenly. She shot a glare at Annelise before eyeing the captain, nodding as he barked an order. Mercy carefully turned the wheel, judging her turn and weighing her feel of the rudder below. As the ship cut a gentle turn through the water, she gave herself a look at the island. She marveled at it beauty for perhaps a good three seconds before her mind became indifferent once more, calculating the distance and the shore. She would enjoy the memory of the view later, when there wasn't work to be done.


Selena Celeste Velrona Pelereuse Mondove
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Starwisher Sea --> Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Rafu, Dan Magnus, Flynt

A shout woke Selena from her nap, though she refused to move from her spot. The Serperior lay coiled at the prow, tucked inside the open maw of a large wooden figurehead. It was carved to look like a caring Dragonair watching over the sea and guided winds at their back with its breath. She felt safer while sitting inside it, as the serpentine dragon Pokemon reminded Sel of her mother, as though she was there above her telling stories. Sel stroked the inside with her tail affectionately. She stretched in her spot, her gaze avoiding the open water at the head's mouth as she searched the ship. Her sleepy mind thought back to what had woken her. She groaned for a moment until, after a brief moment, she realized the meaning of those three words.

The perfect land was within sight.

Sel looked across the water, her heart swelling a she saw what dotted the horizon. Tears came to her eyes, from both joy and grief. Renee would have liked to see this, she thought sadly. After a few moments, she turned and slithered out of the figurehead, joining the crew in their work.
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