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Default Re: Too Old for Pokemon? :/

Better games than some of the crap people are addicted to nowdays. It's got more plot and stategy than Farmville, and it's something a whole family can play and get into, as opposed to all the shooters and crap people play these days. Parents can share Pokemon with their kids and turn it into a fun experience for everyone, and while my parents don't play Pokemon, I certainly enjoy playing Pokemon with my brother and sisters. It's nice that we can all play something together and help each other out by sharing pokemon and finding out cool things about the game. It's certainly better (at least I feel) than playing something like Halo or Call of Duty or whatever and trying to kill each other. Honestly, I shake my head every time my ten year-old brother says something like "I love Halo! Killing stuff is awesome!" Let the kids grow up to love cute but powerful animals with freakish powers and share it with their kids rather than guns and killing people.

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