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I'm going to offer some tips to help Amarantha. (Might I also ask if your username has anything todo with the novel, The Amaranth Enchantment?)

As NES2 said, her birth details are past Pg-13 for the most part. However, you could alter it to something like a father who came and went, only knowing the mother a night when the details happened. The mother could, in turn, blame her own feelings of abandonment on your character, becoming abusive and spiteful of her. The brother could feel that she (your character) was equal no matter who her father was, and his faith gave him the willpower to defend her.

The only way to arrive go Kibou is by boat, hence the privateers. A privateer is a ship given permission by their kingdom to plunder other kingdom's ships whilst working under the crown, which in this case is one big land and gold hunt. (New World exploration with a dash of Oklahoma land rush) I suggest joining a privateer group, either Team Sparks (if they consent to it), Global Mercenaries (Flynt), or you can work solo as NES2 is, though j don't know the details of how he does it.
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