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Default Re: Rumble Battle! [eshiba's Game]


Well, this is a free-for-all and it looks like Rotom and Glalie were really at it! Glalie started calling down shards of ice at it's command, knowing the opponent would get hurt, but it would be smooth sailing for Glalie. Since Rotom took control of a fan, it blew the shards of ice that were falling away from it so it wouldn't get hurt in any way. Glalie, angered because it's snowstorm was rejected, took in a deep breath. It then shot shards of glass at Rotom. A lot, might I mention. Rotom had to be brave. It charged head-on, spinning it's fan so lots of air would come out extremely sharp. It managed to pierce through some of the ice and hit Glalie, but Rotom still got hurt.

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