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Character Name: Scarlette Fierro
Pokemon: Blaziken
Gender: Female

Faction: Kingdom of Nomade
Privateer Group:

Character Description: Even at first glance, one would be able to pick Scarlette out in even a crowd of purely her own kind. She is of the same basic colour design, and even height (6' 3" (though she adamantly claims she's a whole half and inch taller)). However, few things on her stick out, causing her to not go unnoticed. Firstly, is her colour; the bloodred body colour of your average Blaziken is crimson on her, and the cream-coloured "hair" and chest is a smoky grey instead. Other standoutish details would include her overall physique; after many years in the wilderness by herself has caused more muscle growth, giving her a more muscularly built body (though not completely look completely masculine). Although insignificant, her claws are longer and sharper and painted bright, canary yellow.

Character History: Scarlette was born in a village that was in the middle of a vast and virtually uninhabitable desert. Her mother was a woman already with two infants, and Scarlette was the result of a one-night encounter which was not supposed to be anything more than that, and when her mother pleaded with the man to stay, he fled without a word.

Her mother blamed Scarlette's birth for the loss of the former potential lifemate, and thusly, Scarlette lived most of her existence treated like a disease--a virus that was to be eradicated. Since they lived in a community which looked down upon any sort of child abandonment, Scarlette's mother was forced to keep the child she didn't want. So, she resorted to savagely beating Scarlette when they were in the privacy of their home. While out in public, she overtly showed her disgust for Scarlette, wherever they were seen together.

She had two older siblings; a brother and a sister. It was only when one of them stepped in between Scarlette and her mother, would that prevent any violence. And it was her older brother, Phoenix, who helped her whenever and wherever she needed it. It was his faith in believing that everyone--including Scarlette--were equal, regardless of circumstances regarding their existence, or who their parents may have been. It was because of him, did her hope and willpower to keep moving on and living remain.

However, it all changed while returned "home" from the market, which her mother commanded of her.

Upon returning home, she found it completely empty. All of her siblings' and mother's belongings were gone, and even the food stocks were emptied. With no reason to stay in that home, and no one to turn to to help, Scarlette left the town, never to be seen again. She was 17-years-old.

For the next 23 years, she had been living on her own and on the wild, moving from one city to another, even living in the wilderness (made easy because of her Namode heritage). She never stayed one place for very long.

However, on a passing by through a village (which was built on the edge of a sheer cliff overlooking a violent and turbulent sea, and experience regular tsunamis), she caught wind of a rumour, as fleeting a speck of dust on the wind. She heard of several citizens speaking of a mysterious land, but when she would ask of it, they would blow her off, or be intimidated by her appearance to speak any longer. So, she took up the practice of sneaking, so, while eavesdropping, she heard of this "mysterious land"--Kibou. Scarlette needed no other explanation of this place.

She set off for Kibou.

Weapons: The only "weapon" she carried with her was a five-foot long wooden staff with flame-shaped engravings carved into each end that are filled in with gold.

(I really don't know how they travel to Kibou, so I just kept it that she hadn't gotten there yet. Don't kill me Q-Q)
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